Ringwraith stabbing: my trip to Rome. Hilaire Belloc “On Irony” ;-)

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Did you ever see the Lord of the Rings? Do you remember when Frodo Baggins was stabbed by the poisonous sword of the Ringwraith?

frodo ringwraith

It wasn’t those to whom I spoke. It wasn’t those about whom I was speaking. The “Ringwraith” in this case was the political atmosphere storming about Vatican hill. Get near that in any serious way as I did when I went up into the Apostolic Palace the other week to deliver some packages going to the heart of the current crisis and you’ll get stabbed by that Ringwraithness. Again, this doesn’t at all refer to those to whom I spoke or about the packages so delivered.

Getting stabbed doesn’t necessitate becoming a Ringwraith. It just means that you have to struggle a bit. I’m sure we all have an experience like that of Frodo. And we all have “Elvish medicine” by which to conquer.

I’d like to think of that medicine as giving a flower to the Immaculate Conception. After all, she saw her own Son get crushed by Satan and all the powers of hell and saw Him risen from the dead.

To put it another way: When Jesus lays down His life, it is in that very action that He also lays down our lives with His, we being members of the Body of Christ, we being children of Jesus’ good mom, you know, like the Master so the disciple. That’s for all of us.

But that is a burden to carry in this world. I don’t know how those on the straight and narrow in the Vatican can survive. It’s all God’s grace. They carry an enormous burden. They are getting stabbed by Ringwraithness on a continuous basis, 24/7/365. For them: Hail Mary…

But there is more. There is irony. It is so fierce that people can scream running away. Don’t run. Don’t be afraid. Perhaps a re-read of some irony will help:

hilaire bellocTo the young, the pure, and the ingenuous, irony must always appear to have a quality of something evil, and so it has, for […] it is a sword to wound. It is so directly the product or reflex of evil that, though it can never be used – nay, can hardly exist – save in the chastisement of evil, yet irony always carries with it some reflections of the bad spirit against which it was directed. […] It suggests most powerfully the evil against which it is directed, and those innocent of evil shun so terrible an instrument. […] The mere truth is vivid with ironical power […] when the mere utterance of a plain truth labouriously concealed by hypocrisy, denied by contemporary falsehood, and forgotten in the moral lethargy of the populace, takes upon itself an ironical quality more powerful than any elaboration of special ironies could have taken in the past. […] No man possessed of irony and using it has lived happily; nor has any man possessing it and using it died without having done great good to his fellows and secured a singular advantage to his own soul. [Hilaire Belloc, “On Irony” (pages 124-127; Penguin books 1325. Selected Essays (2/6), edited by J.B. Morton; Harmondsworth – Baltimore – Mitcham 1958).]


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3 responses to “Ringwraith stabbing: my trip to Rome. Hilaire Belloc “On Irony” ;-)

  1. nancyv

    Dear Father, I am glad for your honesty about receiving wounds and for your uniting them with flowers for the Immaculate. Really beautiful. And especially today, Lift high the Cross!
    I am going to have to study the irony some more. I missed that lesson in my earlier schooling and never could understand Irony.
    AND I hope you don’t get 20″ of rain.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    God bless you for sharing another wonderful and worthy lesson. Please keep them coming. We need them so desperately. As to the dangerous weather, Father. I live a few feet below you in the geography of North Carolina. Just take a broom and sweep it down here! God bless you and keep you always.

  3. Allyson

    Dear Father,
    Is it an irony that many look at the priesthood or the vow of celibacy as the cause of the perversion of priests when priests come from families…..here is a quote “as a concluding note: make no mistake, impurity is infectious. Even totally solitary and clandestine impure acts, even only intentional thoughts , will infect those the sinner is intimate with. Thus, within the home, the presence of impurity, most especially if is emanates from the head of that family, will create a moral miasma that will permeate the home and infect its inhabitants, and especially the children. It is in the home primarily, and only in society secondarily, that the infection of impurity is acquired. It is in the interpersonal intimacy of husband and wife, parents and children, that the infection of impurity is most readily transmitted. This infection of impurity acquired in the home may well erupt in unexpected, divers, and usually graver ways in the maturing children.
    Many have wondered why the sudden societal explosion of homosexuality and other perversities. Many parents have been shocked by their children’s unexpected homosexuality or other perversions. Is it something in the water we drink or the air we breath today? No, it was something in the moral atmosphere in which we live! The moral atmosphere of the culture is viciously toxic and if it gains access to the home via the mass-media or worse still the immorality of a family member, it is dire near non-remediable. It was the spirit of enervating heterosexual lust in the previous, now parental, generation that led to perverse homosexual lust in the subsequent, offspring, generation.
    It bears repeating, as per the continuum of narcissistic inversion, the rise of homosexuality and other perversions is due directly to the immediate preceding generation’s heterosexual men’s autoerotic self-abuse and addiction to pornography; which itself arose from the previous generations’ spirit of adultery, be it sanctioned serial adultery via divorce or illicit heterosexual liaisons; which itself was due to an even earlier generations'(circa 1920’s) acceptance of marital contraceptive acts.” (Celebrating God-Given Gender by Dr. G. C. Dilsaver)
    An irony indeed!

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