Homily 2018 09 16 – Peter is Satan

crucifix drawing john of the cross

Compare the above drawing of Jesus Crucified by Saint John of the Cross (with the nails and bleeding and obvious horrific suffering) with the painting by Salvador Dali for which he took this drawing as his inspiration, but with no nails, no bleeding, no suffering.

crucifixion salvador dali john cross

If you persevere, you’ll hear some good news. It’s worth hearing the good news. It puts a new perspective on this whole crisis. Apologies for the length. Lots of adrenaline today. Our Lord can draw good out of evil, just as He did with His own crucifixion.


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6 responses to “Homily 2018 09 16 – Peter is Satan

  1. sanfelipe007

    “to hell with that, Lord!”

    Wow! I feel just like a burro getting smacked. I listened to that part twice.

    By the way, the homily stopped at 18:41. I wonder if the problem is on my end.

  2. elizdelphi

    I’ve never cared for that painting or found it particularly meaningful, and I love St John of the Cross, he’s my favorite saint. Dali actually creeps me out. That is amazing about the Eucharistic procession. And the donors.

  3. nancy v

    I relistened at 19:27 where you told us to SMACK down a priest or bishop if we ever heard them speak of Jesus as any other than the suffering servant because I really want to smack somebody! Turns out that would be myself.
    My parents used to invite me to the Eucharistic Congress when they were living (God rest their souls) but heck, I’m only one diocese over and didn’t hear a peep. I thank God for faithful bishops such as Peter Jugis.
    Seminary at Belmont!!!! yay
    Your homilies are food for my soul…and the babbling baby in the background was dessert! Sweet.

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