Pope Francis and calls for abdication. Are Non-Yes-Men demonic heretics?

pope francis asperges

Those who would attempt to force Pope Francis to abdicate as Bishop of Rome and therefore relinquish the Papacy – say by the act of an ecumenical council (which would not be legitimately called anyway) demonstrate their lack of faith, and perhaps even their being demon possessed. Such a robber council of theirs would, of course, attempt to be polite and nice and claim that they are granting the Holy Father due process, when, instead, the Supreme Pontiff cannot legitimately be subjected to any such process. The process itself would demonstrate the lack of faith of those who put it in place, and who thus grant themselves more authority than the Pope. In short, those who want tribunal style due process for the Pope are heretics. Two things that necessarily go together so that the point can be made:

  • The Pope is not to be submitted to any tribunal style process.
  • He is not to be forcibly removed.

That’s not to say that those who bring charges against the Pope, that is, to him, shouldn’t bring all the proofs of what they say. This can be done with charity. And if they should suggest to the Holy Father that he abdicate, that is not to say that they are lacking in faith or charity. What they do is a far cry from what they do who would plot to force the Successor of Peter from his being the Bishop of Rome. There’s a difference.

If Pope Francis were to ask me what I thought about all of this (That’s not going to happen!), I would say this to him:

“Most Holy Father, distress has come upon the Church and the world because of ambiguous, contradictory, unclear, misleading utterances from you, some of your advisers, from some in the Roman Curia, from some Cardinals and Bishops around the world. Just because a matter of faith and morality is settled dogmatically, and just because you haven’t attempted to use the gift of infallibility to go against matters of faith and morality that have been settled dogmatically doesn’t mean that you have God’s blessing not to confirm your brothers in the faith in an integral, consistent, clear manner, thus rightly leading the Church and the world to Jesus, to the Living Truth who is Charity, our Way, our Life, our joy in the Holy Spirit.”

And then, should he see the point, accept that, repent of all the ambiguity, etc., but feel that he is not up to the task of being clear, of confirming his brothers in the faith, then, in that case, I would suggest to him that he should resign.

That’s the way I see things. I think I can defend that with Saint Thomas’ teaching on fraternal correction. Tell me where I’m wrong. Pretty much everyone is hailing me to be a fringe traditionalist heretic on all this, demonic even. But I don’t see it. Explain why I should be exorcised.


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7 responses to “Pope Francis and calls for abdication. Are Non-Yes-Men demonic heretics?

  1. This is very clear. But can you give reasons or background as to why the pope sometimes speaking ambiguously on settled dogma necessitates resignation?

    • Father George David Byers

      Jesus’ own words to Peter: when you have turned back, confirm your brothers in the faith. And then again at the end of the Gospel of John: feed my lambs, feed my sheep. Chaos isn’t nutrition.

  2. nancy v

    I may be a declared a heretic for quoting Thomas Merton, but here goes:
    “A man of sincerity is less interested in defending the truth than in stating it clearly, for he thinks that if the truth is clearly seen it can take care of itself”
    …but so much for Pilate, who had Truth standing in front of him.
    But anyway, I hope the Holy Father DOES ask you what to do!

  3. litteralis

    Dear Father,
    It sounds like your perception of The Problem, and your conceptual admonition to our Holy Father, are spot-on, Father. He can be advised, he can even be urged, but he cannot be subjected to process. He is, after all , as you remind us, the Supreme Pontiff. I believe you’re right, also, that it is unlikely he’ll seek your counsel on the matter. Too bad; it appears he could use some charitable admonishment.
    V. resp’y,

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    Dear Father,
    It seems that in the midst of all this horror and dismay, we forget that the Sovereign Pontiff is like other men and yet completely unlike them. We have fallen into the modernist heresy which has done so much incalculable damage. I pray that God send his Vicar on Earth a wise, loving and capable guide to help him bring forth a stronger more humble and obedient Bride to care for the now lost, lonely and confused flock.

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