Priest whistle blower to be canonized? Santo subito! Do it for vocations!

  • I’ve been weighted down with this since I saw it yesterday, and I’ve watched it many times.
  • I prayed for him, and now I’m praying to him.
  • The Diocese tried to discredit him by saying that he had a checkered history and that surely this was a suicide. Surely, a suicide: two bullets to the back of the head.
  • I find it interesting that the fax machine was taken. Who steals a fax machine and anything related to his being a whistle blower, except maybe the ones he’s blowing the whistle on? I bet the reporter who got the fax called the diocese for comment, was put off in some benign fashion, but later on received a threat to be silent and make the report disappear. When the reporter found out that Father Moreno was dead the reporter made sure to remain silent.

Thomas Aquinas says that the grace of final perseverance is not to be presumed, and that we should pray for this throughout our lives. Having considered that, now take a look at the grace that supports martyrs in their final moments while they persevere in giving witness to Christ no matter the cost, laying down their lives for their friends, the rest of us, which Jesus Himself says is the greatest demonstration of love that we can give. Such love covers a multitude of… of… checkered history or whatever. That’s why we say that martyrs go right to heaven. They were, in the moment of their deaths, at one with God who is love. It is the height of the grace of final perseverance.

His name is Father Joseph F. Moreno, Jr. It would be a great grace for the Church and the world if he were to be canonized.



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8 responses to “Priest whistle blower to be canonized? Santo subito! Do it for vocations!

  1. Joisy Goil


  2. Charlene

    How sad. Some of his brother priests and others know why Fr. Moreno was killed and who did it. It is too bad that he telegraphed his moves before getting the material to those who could help. He is indeed a saint!

  3. elizdelphi

    ok wow. This warrants further investigation. I did go read about his “checkered past” too. Sometimes an “outsider” is the one who dares to ask forbidden questions.

    • Father George David Byers

      I saw all that as well. But in the face of martyrdom I’m totally ready to say he’s a saint for that.

      • elizdelphi

        Yes I agree if this is the way Church Militant portrays it he may be a martyr saint.

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.
    A friendly reminder to his murderers: You may think you are clever and have gotten away with murder. You forget, however, that there is another, much longer life coming. You will be judged. Confess and make reparation. Do penance. It will go better for you.

  5. Aussie Mum

    Father John Minkler also died in suspicious circumstances. That was in the Diocese of Albany under Bishop Hubbard in 2004. Father Minkler was apparently working with Paul Likoudis (the Wanderer) and Stephen Brady (Roman Catholic Faithful) to uncover a clerical homosexual network in his diocese. His death was officially ruled a suicide but some believe it was murder.
    Father Alfred Kunz was also working with Roman Catholic Faithful and was killed. That was in Dane County, Wisconsin in 1998. Fr Kunz had been involved in an investigation of Bishop Daniel Ryan of Springfield, Illinois.
    Fr Andrew Greeley of Chicago, a writer of novels and some non-fiction, also knew about what he termed the “Lavender mafia”, and wrote about it. However, he knew he wouldn’t be killed because, as he explained, “They know that I have in safekeeping information which would implicate them. I am more of a threat to them dead than alive.”
    Father Greeley has since died a natural death at age 85 but the information that was said to be in safekeeping, if it exists, has not yet been brought forward.

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