Not Obama-phone: We’re Trumped! Fail: We’ll try again 3 October…

Update: A note came in from a reader saying that no “Presidential Alert” came through. I checked my own phones: no trace of any alert there, and I know at least one works, because an amber alert came through just the day before on one of the phones. I asked around and no one I know got the alert. So, was this a fail? ///////

Update again: I guess this was a fail of some kind. A reader says that there will be another try on October 3. ///////

The United States Federal government will test an emergency broadcast system on Thursday at approximately 2:18 pm EDT.

All US based cell phones will receive a text message from this system. The text will display a subject line, “Presidential Alert”. The body of the text will read:

“THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

/// I remember an Obamanite during the years of that administration who set up a table in the parking lot of the soup kitchen in town and was failing in trying to force government phones on all and sundry, including yours truly:

  • “Just take it.”
  • “But I got a phone already.”
  • “That doesn’t matter.”
  • “But the government owns the phone, so everything that’s done with it is owned by the government, right?”
  • “…splutter splutter splutter…”

/// Instead, this is a great use for cell phones by the government. I like it. Very useful. Communications are just about everything in an emergency. Gotta wonder about security for cell towers.

/// When I was a kid, we used to have emergency alert sirens for air raids and tornadoes. Everyone got super nervous if the siren didn’t go off at exactly 12:00 Noon on Wednesdays only.

/// When I was tiny little kid, in first grade, the Benedictine nuns at school taught us how to be safe during an attack using atom bombs as they were called. We were to hide under our school desks. She apologized for this being a little difficult for us since we had “rail desks” which didn’t leave much space for anything but feet under desks. She would be our emergency broadcast system.


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4 responses to “Not Obama-phone: We’re Trumped! Fail: We’ll try again 3 October…

  1. nancyv

    Thanks for alerting me to the ALERT. I probably would have had a cow if not forewarned. First I’ve heard of this. Funny headliner!

  2. Thank you for posting.
    Had to share.

  3. elizdelphi

    It’s true about people trying to force obamaphones on people, they get a commission for it. I even got a call on my land line phone one time (so obviously I was not without phone service) trying to pressure me to accept an obamaphone, I told them i did not want a cell phone and they were trying to talk me into it. Some obamaphone recipients have 2 cell phones, such as a man who showed me and explained to me that he had one he paid for which he used for “data” and also an obamaphone that they used for voice service–obviously these were not people who could not afford a cell phone. It’s amazing the various government “benefits” that people will try to wheedle you into. Doctors will even try to get you to accept not-necessary services on Medicare’s dime. I had a bad experience with that and now I just avoid going to the doctor, for years. I work with the homeless and those are people who do need that phone service to stay connected with job offers, service providers etc. Some of those would not have a phone otherwise.
    This post make me wonder if the government has other, strategic or security reasons why they are trying to have everyone carry a cell phone?

  4. Aussie Mum

    A national wireless emergency alert system sounds a good idea – a sensible preparation in case a large scale emergency arises. I hope it won’t be needed but wonder if the government thinks war or some other catastrophic emergency is imminent. Our Lady reminded us at Fatima that war, famine and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father are the result of sin, that God was already too much offended, and that conversion and acts of reparation are essential.

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