Domestic battery on woman

Situational awareness is nothing without a piece of mind…

Just now, after Saturday evening Confessions, I went outside to the parking lot and heard screaming, like a guy beating a young lady into submission. She came running by the church and I offered her a ride away from the violence. He then started chasing after the both of us. I brought her to the police, who noticed he had been beating on her face. He let her stay with them until the sheriff showed up. She was happy to be safe.

I asked the neighbor lady about it and she said it had been going on all day. “Stop it!” the victim would scream.

You just never know when you’ll be called upon. I was confident to help her because I had a piece of mind. I didn’t need it. But everyone has a piece of mind around here. Do you? Do you practice?

Anyway, time for Confessions and Mass again.



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6 responses to “Domestic battery on woman

  1. Aussie Mum

    I think the powerless in the Church, male and female, are feeling somewhat like that woman, assaulted by the more powerful. We are waiting for Pope Francis to do for the Church what you did for that woman, protect her.

    • Father George David Byers

      Ah, but our Lord can provide that any one of us be able to help. Ask and you shall receive. I’m nobody, but even I was able to do something for someone’s benefit that necessitated action from the very top.

  2. Suzanne Jacklin

    Father George David Byers: I would have loved to have witnessed your rescue of that young woman — especially, if you were wearing your clerical collar at the time! I grew up (the oldest of 8 children — 6 girls & 2 boys) in a Catholic home, where my mother suffered being beaten by my father on a regular basis, for 21+ years! Our parish priests knew what was going on; but, the ONLY ‘encouragement/advice’ my mother received from them, was basically: “this is your cross to bear”! Yeah … THAT “cross” … along with ‘continuing to give birth to a new ‘baby’, every year or two! I grew up believing that God AND His Church, HATED women!!

    • Father George David Byers

      I’m happy you have come to know that God AND His Church LOVES women. There are individuals in the Church, of course, who are utterly inept and worse. Blessings upon you, Suzanne.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Amen to both of you! It can, indeed feel like we are being battered whenever the Church is being battered, that is, if we are afraid. Be not afraid. We learn best, to be not afraid, by another’s example; the saints, and even our donkeys 😉

  4. while I was at Adoration Sat night, a woman came in and was leaving a message for her son asking where he was, Mass was over at 6:00, it was 6;25 – telling him to pik her up at the chapel. She was disabled w/walker. As I was getting ready to finish my hour, when I leaned over and asked if I could give her a ride home. I had no intention of doing this 5 minutes prior.
    The grace of God……

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