Update: Packages given to Pope Francis – Most Holy Father: Thank you!

pope francis evangelii gaudium

Package One: Concerning that which goes to the very heart of the McCarrick fiasco the entire dire situation brought to the Holy Father as presented by this package was for himself utterly reversed and put in good order. That’s most stunning in itself, that in which one can rejoice for the good of the priesthood, for the good of the Church. The one involved was burdened with the weight of the universe and that weight has been lifted. But there’s more. The Holy Father caused this to be brought about by those involved with a manner that truly restorative, wrought with a profound ecclesial sense, majestic, really, with apologies, and bringing a sense of the presence of the angels and of our Lord Himself. The blessed Immaculate Virgin was also mentioned. Devout. Pious. Humble. A motive for joy. Thank you, Holy Father, for making this come about. Awesome.

Package Two: This may have instigated an investigation in a most unexpected place with the most unexpected persons. If so, this may have blown out of the water and merely temporarily nixed any more generalized Apostolic Visitation to these United States so as to examine the actions or benign neglect of any bishops across the board. Temporarily.

Apologies: If I was a little bold in putting this before the Holy Father accompanied by a request that was unexpectedly unnecessary – mea culpa – then, in that case of being little too bold, mi pento e mi dolgo con tutto il cuore. However, it might be noticed that the weeks clicked by without me doing anything else whatsoever, just waiting on the Holy Father to do His thing. And he did.

An extra bit in which to rejoice: As some things played out, a particular name of a particular Archbishop, one with whom I am presently involved in certain matters (not a diplomat) came to the fore in a most significant way. Very impressive, very heartening. Awesome.

As I might have said before on this blog, also in regard to the Holy Father:

Nothing is as it seems!


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8 responses to “Update: Packages given to Pope Francis – Most Holy Father: Thank you!

  1. jrpayne827

    Well, I’m really confused. But if you say it’s good news, Father, then Praise God! This encourages me to pray more for Pope Francis.

  2. litteralis

    Rev. Father:
    I am more than confused. I am hopelessly left in the dust.
    I will cheerfully accept interpretation, on an uninformed, layman’s level, if anyone could provide it. So as not to take up space here, I can provide my email address, for offline contact.
    V. resp’y,

  3. Aussie Mum

    Is Pope Francis launching an investigation into the homosexual network in the Church? Has he started removing its members?

  4. nancyv

    Sheesh… All I can think is Jesus telling Peter,”Put out into the deep.”
    Not as man does, but as God. ??

  5. I’m so glad your submission was well received and, it seems, acted upon.

  6. elizdelphi

    I am hopeful that the Package One situation can get explained publicly if there was a happy result for this man who has suffered. Did McCarrick apologize?!
    I am hopeful that it may be true that an apostolic visitation is not ruled out but there may be other steps first and things dealt with first that may be already underway.

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