Cardinal Cupich, LGBTQ flag, Fr Kalchik Resurrection Parish, St Luke Institute

Cupich LGBTQ

Father Dwight Longenecker has a great analysis of the story brought out by Michael Voris at Church Militant. Father Dwight’s comment is HERE.

Having read Father Dwight’s excellent presentation there are some other points to consider:

  • Weaponizing psychiatric evaluation (or six month psycho-sexual ordeal) so that no evangelization of the Sign of Contradiction, wherein Jesus is the One, the only One, is not possible, is itself a sign of a criminal abuse of power on so very many levels.
  • Any psychiatrist, any institute which allows indeed welcomes the weaponizing of psychiatric evaluation for political agendas such as making bishops look like heroes tends to discredit all psychiatric evaluation, making all psychiatry odious and suspect. It doesn’t help that most each institute has been politicized, even being founded for that express purpose.
  • Saint Luke Institute was founded by those of the homosexualist agenda, who have homosexualist policies and homosexualist methods. For instance, the use of pornography of all kinds, including that of children, to “discover” the proclivities of an individual, even though this has been discredited for some forty years, and even though this method is in itself criminal, and even though this method is mortally sinful for the bishops who send people to such a place, and for the administration, and for the staff, and for the subjects. This methodology was spoken about repeatedly by the John Jay Report (look it up for yourselves), but the bishops still support this kind of sexual raping of their own priests. As I’ve said before, the bishops probably get video tapes of such sessions. This has to stop. Saint Luke Institute is not the only one. Many others come to mind, including one where the two priests involved in providing this methodology in one such institute left the priesthood, moved to Hawaii, and got married to each other.

One could go on adding a thousand other points about all this, including that of massive financial manipulations.

But what I would like to add here as well concerns the ambiguous alleged history of incidents of this priest that is not appreciated by the Archdiocese of Chicago. I bet you that these are categorized as his not being a “team player,” his not being a “man of consensus,” etc., because, just guessing, this priest does not promote a change in church teaching on the evils of LGBTQ gender bending, does not promote womens ordination, does not promote gay marriage, does not promote abortion on demand, does not promote sacrilege of all kinds, etc.

One last thing, as Father Dwight points out, two thugs were sent by Cupich who presented Father Kalchick with a death threat. The death threat was witnessed. Father Kalchick is now in hiding, just like Viganò. There is no due process. Just the murder of those who go against the homosexualist bullying. We recall the recent murder of whistle blower Father Joseph F. Moreno, Jr. of the Diocese of Buffalo.

Just to say, I’ve been calling out people for a long time on their sensationalist statements that this is all a pedophilia crisis when manifestly by all accounts it is a homosexualist crisis, that is, a using of homosexuality for aggressive bullying. Anything can be used for aggressive bullying. It’s true, Saint Paul goes after aggressively purposed homosexualist bullying as having a final result in violence (see Romans 1:18 to the end of that chapter), but I would like to point out in a way that is not inconsistent with that inspired statement of Saint Paul that, in the end, violent bullying is all about lust for power, ultimately, a share in demonic power. But the purveyors of demonic power will find out that Satan doesn’t share anything, least of all his “power.”


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4 responses to “Cardinal Cupich, LGBTQ flag, Fr Kalchik Resurrection Parish, St Luke Institute

  1. Aussie Mum

    Either Cardinal Cupich and his clerical henchmen don’t know what it is to be Catholic or they know and despise it. The same goes for those running St Luke’s Institute. It is appalling that such a place calls itself Catholic and that bishops send priests there when the “treatment” they receive is to be seduced and trained in sexual perversion. Are we in the grip of a religious coup: men striving to replace Christ with the Devil as head of the Church?

    • Father George David Byers

      It’s all about power, killing off the image of God in marriage and in the alter Christus.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    it is no wonder that our Dear Lord sweat blood during His agony in the Garden. Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X and others who truly care for the flock are mocked, but they deserve our devotion and veneration. “Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in the battle…”

  3. Fr. Z just posted about this – and what seems like a multitude of similar episodes – here. It’s a must-read.
    Fr, I’m not sure what to think or do besides pray and try my best to become holy. When I read that I feel truly angry and powerless and utterly fed up. I’m sick of the pandering to insurance agencies. I’m sick of the power moves and tactics (and DRUGS!) used against the priests we need the most desperately. I’m sick of the real ravening narcissism roaming about devouring the little shepherds of God’s little flock. And of course I’m sick of the silence about Fr Macrae, Fr Engelhart, Fr Lower, and the many others who have suffered in similar ways. My dear Jesus knows how many times I’ve crucified Him over and over again – so I do not want to throw stones. But dear God how do we stand by while our beloved shepherds are even now being processed through re-education camps for their faithfulness – indeed, for their faith in Jesus??!!? They are the troupe of new martyrs for today. How do we give them support and succour? How do we stand in solidarity and gratitude so that they know they are so, so beloved? How do we call their superiors to account to make it STOP?

    Fr, I posted this here because of your story on it, but I guess it’s also a question for Fr Macrae if you could read it to him. Many prayers for you both. Thank you for being a priest of Jesus Christ. Pray for me.

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