Father Paul Kalchik Interview. Solidarity: Je suis le père Paul Kalchik

Seriously, this priest, for all he’s been through, is calm, reasonable, nuanced, prudent, exact in descriptions, restrained in his actions, pastorally minded, doesn’t exaggerate, is profound in his theology, is reverent before the Lord Jesus. In short, he has a priestly identity in every way, and, it seems to me, with honesty, with integrity. I recognize Jesus in him. I’ll have more to say about this, but for this post, recall the repercussions of Charlie Hebdo (bad analogy, I know). But, in solidarity, I will say that:

Je suis le père Paul Kalchik.


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6 responses to “Father Paul Kalchik Interview. Solidarity: Je suis le père Paul Kalchik

  1. Dear God,
    Protect Father Kalchik and protect our good, holy priests from evil! Thank you God for Father Kalchik’s courage.

  2. pelerin

    Moi aussi!

  3. sanfelipe007

    That was an effective and moving video. I am beginning to understand, better, how the Saints who did great penances were affected by the sin around them. Adding poor Father Gordon, I am on the verge of tears from all this.

  4. elizdelphi

    I am absolutely horrified how this priest has been treated. I saw on another site some documents about removal of a couple van loads of stuff belonging to Fr Montalbano after his death and figured it was probably porn, it is good to have the clarification, and some of the other clarifications. I think Michael Voris has said he repented of some same sex behavior in his youth, so he is probably a good person to be dealing with this case since he feels strongly and yet cannot be simply dismissed as “homophobic”.

  5. Gwen

    praying protection for Father Kalchik

  6. Daniel

    He was my parish priest. He brought me back to the faith. I love and miss him very much. Anima Christi, Paul John!

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