“Fr. Byers, be the virgo prudens!”

oil lamp

In asking a fellow priest about the prudence of commentary here on Arise! we both spoke of the Lord’s supreme prudence in taking whips and cleansing the temple.

We then discussed the five prudent virgins (φρόνιμοι) vs the five imprudent virgins (μωραὶ), you remember them, with the lamps which either had or didn’t have oil, that is, the charity of fiery Holy Spirit. Recall that the prudent virgins with extreme intensity of sarcasm suggested to the imprudent virgins that they should just go to the shop where God’s charity is sold and buy some of the that charity. And. They. Do. Idiots. One can’t buy God’s charity. This wasn’t baiting them to do something that they were entrapped into doing as if they would not otherwise do it. This was just getting the imprudent virgins out of the faces of the prudent virgins. It’s what they would do anyway because that’s where they are already.

In the end, this priest friend of mine summed it all up and said: “Be the virgo prudens!”


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3 responses to ““Fr. Byers, be the virgo prudens!”

  1. elizdelphi

    Please tell me if Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” is a prudent song to play at St Vincent de Paul store. They have often had sexually offensive songs playing and today I was at my SVDP volunteer job and approached the local executive director about that. He said he’d recently fielded a couple other complaints and reiterated to the manager of the store in question that only the allowable Sirius XM channels can be used. I said just I heard that song when I was just at the SVDP store this week and found it very offensive. He laughed and said that song is okay it’s 30 years old and he could make a case for it being an okay song. He also said sexual sins are not as bad as murder which another song featured which a complaint was made about. I said if there is music it should be innocent music, he smirked and said “whatever innocent means” and walked away. I think if they have to have music it should be chaste and not violent. It is shocking what people are desensitized to, that SVDP doesn’t mind playing this for children to tell them it’s exciting to violate someone’s virginity. Where is the oil of charity?

  2. sanfelipe007

    Thank you for this! I am going to incorporate these thoughts into my catechesis.

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