Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (All ducks in a row edition)


Our Heavenly Father speaks the Word. The Father is not a liar. The Father speaks the Truth. The Truth is reasonable. Let’s say that the Logos (the Word) is logical. There are laws to that which is, the One who is Truth. One notices this logic, this reason in Creation. All ducks in a row, one might say, as above, as below…

ducks in a row

The Virgin Immaculate Mother of God is Mother of the Incarnate Logos, the Incarnate Word, the Incarnate Truth. With her purity of heart and agility of soul and clarity of vision – given her Immaculate Conception – she is herself able to appreciate the Speech of the Father, the Logos, the Truth. She can see Him reflected in the creation of the Creator.

Because she sees the standard of Truth, of the logic of the Logos, if you will, she also sees all that which does not come up to that standard in this fallen world with all of us who are fallen. But she sees the logic in her Son being born into this world where He would be rejected and tortured to death for being too good, too kind, too truthful for us in our fallen human nature to tolerate. And so, in taking on the death we deserve for the chaos, for the unreasonableness, for the sin, standing in our place, the innocent for the guilty, He, her Son, has the right in His own justice to have mercy on us. It makes the hell of the cross reasonable, as reasonable as God’s love in heaven. Indeed, it is from the Cross that we see the glory of God shining.

Meg told her father, Thomas More, that getting his head cut off for not betraying the truth was unreasonable. His answer was that, instead, love makes it reasonable. And heaven will be unto the eternal glory of God. Love makes it reasonable. All ducks in row. And all is right once again, reason in the midst of chaos, light in the midst of darkness, life being brought from death, the kiss, on the cross, of mercy and justice being one in Jesus, Mary’s dear Son, of course.


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