Saint Luke Institute and clones homosexualize clients promoting sin: exactly what priests don’t need.

You have heard that it was said that Saint Luke Institute and such like “clinics” do have some good use for some few who are actually in need of psychological help and that some people do benefit, but I tell you that this is not true.

If we had believers who were great at counselling and to whom one could go on a confidential basis – Hey! What an idea! – that would be great. However:

  • such places follow the ethos of accreditation by secular society and so promote all that which society promotes;
  • the second one walks in the door is the second you sign a waver so that everything in your file will be sent to the bishop and chanceries (=newspapers);
  • results are often predetermined according to the one paying the bills, often without any person ever having presented, even on the phone.

Such places are often a method by which to get a priest dismissed from the clerical state. Weaponizing psychological help is the best way to take this aid away from those who need it.

Just to be clear because of following the accreditation norms:

  • homosexualism is promoted;
  • self-abuse is promoted;
  • the rape of those who attend by way of measuring their physiological responses to the viewing of pornography of all kinds, including child-porn (a felony for all involved) has been done (as noted many times by the John Jay Report); would you entrust yourself to a rapist, to an institute known for raping residents?

Those who actually need counselling can find actually believing counselors. So, they should not, must not go to such places as Saint Luke Institute.

It is better to go to heaven having suffered with a psychological problem on earth than to go to hell committed unspeakable sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. Making a policy of unspeakable sins is what brought the scourge of the present crisis upon the Church. It is unconscionable to promote such places.

  • I believe that any bishop who sends his priests to such places is committing sin.
  • I believe that any administration at such places are committing sin.
  • I believe that anyone in Rome able to shut such places down but does not is committing sin.

Active homosexualization of the clergy by policy must stop. Get it?


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4 responses to “Saint Luke Institute and clones homosexualize clients promoting sin: exactly what priests don’t need.

  1. Allyson

    There is an alternative.
    Psychomoralitics- the soul-deep alternative to the failed mental health profession .Unlike the politicized and committee generated “science” of mental health, Psychomoralitics is a thoroughly developed and systematized science built upon the most time-tested conceptualization of integral human nature. Not only is Psychomoralitics a completely divergent and antithetical discipline to those of the mental health profession, it is the very antidotal remedy to the iatrogenic harm caused by those professions. Also, Psychomoralitics intervenes at the inorganic causative level of the reason, free will, and passions to remedy essential mal-being and ego-reactivity. Psychomoralitic intervention vivifies a person’s ability to receive-the-real, assent-to-truth, and choose-the-good bringing about essential well-being and innermost peace. Since it is not part of the system, it is truly confidential. More information is at I wish everyone knew about this alternative. Truth is so beautiful.

  2. sanfelipe007

    ” Psychomoralitics intervenes at the inorganic causative level of the reason, free will, and passions…”

    Would you be so kind as to provide a probative example?

    Would you please compare and contrast “essential mal-being” with inessential mal-being?

    Would you outline the ego-reactivity continuum?

    Thank you, in advance, Allyson.

    • Father George David Byers

      I hadn’t gotten around to approving this comment of Allyson as I was away for the evening and then I saw it was already up!

  3. Aussie Mum

    That some bishops are releasing or considering the release of names of all accused priests in their diocese is disgraceful since an accusation is not proof of guilt. However, as wrong as it is for a bishop to label a priest guilty of sins he has not committed, it is even worse to have him corrupted and lose his soul. That some bishops and Catholic institutions, such as St Luke’s, are actually helping the devil destroy souls is absolutely horrifying.

    Sins against purity have dramatically increased since clergy, parents and other teachers have stopped referring to them as mortal sins, and stopped talking about the reality of hell and importance of confession. Truth, not political correctness, is the way to heaven.

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