You know when obfuscation is afoot… (Pope Francis’ advisers on crisis)


Both “packages” delivered to the Holy Father have had their effect with the Holy Father. I am most grateful for the results that continue to be seen regarding both. However, sometimes those who advise the Holy Father are specialists at spinning. That’s most unfortunate. They do not serve the Holy Father well.

As the Holy Father has now ordered to be bandied about, there is a mea culpa in the works for the upper echelons. I wonder how that will really work. It seems that the announcement was written by someone quite at the center of things who himself has plenty for which to say mea culpa. If I am correct about who this is (there are certain turns of phrase), well then, as he has done for very many years in cooking the books and being thick as thieves with the worst of the worst abusers of power, he has redirected the crisis to other than what it is, making it seem like a pedophilia crisis instead of a homosexualist bully crisis. So, what I would like to see is the following:

  • Start with in interrogation of all those who have worked in the abuse office in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since it started some decades ago, and ask about cooking the books.
  • Continue with decisions of dismissal from the clerical state wrought against priests who have suffered the books being cooked against them, and take a look at the ultimatums those priests were given, such as (1) leave the priesthood or (2) stay in the priesthood but be locked up under the care of those who rape priests in their clinics with plethysmography and porn. This ultimatum was given many times.
  • Close down all “treatment” centers to which bishops send priests which promote self-abuse and homosexualism, then dismiss from the clerical state all priests and bishops who have sent priests to such gateways to hell.
  • Do a full investigation on kickback schemes that give the money of the faithful to risk retention groups which insist on immediate settlements with no attorneys with (cough cough) service fees being given to bishops and chancery officials. Dismiss from the clerical state all priests and bishops who have participated in such racketeer influenced corruption.
  • Dismiss from the clerical state all priests and bishops who have ensured that priests are not named defendants so that they cannot possibly enjoy due process, claiming that their Judas-esque practices are wrought for the good of the Church (pro bono ecclesiae).
  • Dismiss from the clerical state all priests and bishops who have scandalously pushed homosexualist ideologies, smashing down faithful priests and bishops who desire to speak of the beauty of the image of God in one man – one woman marriage and family.

But instead, if it goes the way that a certain person would like it to go (who’s not assigned to Rome as his main occupation by the way) it may be that we will only get an over-generalized non-personalized non-particularized expression of regret blaming people for complaining: “I regret that you stupidly suffered conflicting emotions because of your own stupid immaturity regarding our power.” Something like that. I hope not.

The consequences. Oh, I’m sure that young seminarians, who have nothing to do with any of this rubbish that all went on before they were born, will be blamed for everything: We’re going to be really tough on seminarians, those bad and evil seminarians. Listen, when I was a seminarian way back in the day, there were some bad seminarians, sure, but they were SO OBVIOUS. The problem was the super gay protecting staff, faculty and administration and the bishops who protected them.

The consequences. Oh, I’m sure that priests who have nothing to do with any of this rubbish will be treated like trash. Just like bad cops are hated most by good cops, so the vast majority of priests are upset with the Judas-priests. But all are lumped together so that good priests are punished but, actually, the bad priests slip through. Meanwhile, the Holy See and the bishops are off the hook because of deflecting so well.

The consequences. Abuse of power continues and it only gets much, much worse, so that seminaries are turned into treatment centers where candidates are trained into sin. Truly. This is the direction this has been going for some decades.

Solutions. It’s all about Jesus. Priests and bishops, from the top down, all of them, all of us, have to get to know Jesus. THE ONLY WAY TO GET TO BE FRIENDS WITH JESUS IS TO GO TO CONFESSION. PRIESTS AND BISHOPS MUST GO TO CONFESSION REGULARLY

I would make this a rule in universal law. If priests and bishops do not go to Confession at least a couple of times a month they are to be dismissed from the clerical state. Period. Honestly, that would pretty much bring all B.S. to an end. Jesus would reign among His priests. All would be right with the world.


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7 responses to “You know when obfuscation is afoot… (Pope Francis’ advisers on crisis)

  1. Rory O'Callaghan

    “Listen, when I was a seminarian way back in the day, there were some bad seminarians, sure, but they were SO OBVIOUS.” So true, George. Why do think I got the heebie-jeebies?!

  2. elizdelphi

    I would make a rule for ALL Catholics that you may not receive Holy Communion unless you have confessed all grave sins you may be aware of, with confession of venial sins also recommended. And that you are obliged to form your conscience in keeping with Catholic teaching. This would ensure that everyone is keeping in a state of Grace, and priests and bishops would be unable to celebrate Holy Mass without having been to Confession. All would be right with the world. If people would only do it…

  3. Aussie Mum

    It is already October 8th here but is still the 7th, Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Victories, there in the US. Catholics around the world will be completing the 54 day novena for our nations at 3pm CST, about 15 minutes from now. This is just a reminder for those who may want to join in the Rosary at that time.

  4. Mary E

    I had an interesting experience at Mass today while preparing for Holy Communion, to the effect that Someone was, quite insistently, warning me NOT to get too wrapped up in the politics of the situation, as in vain attempts to sort out who is right and who is wrong. But instead, focusing on looking for the truth amongst all the information that is coming out, and being patient that the truth will emerge in time. Maybe it’s a big knot that right now, is too tangled up to be able to see. I envision that there will be more statements by senior Church officials in the coming months, and although the statements msy not entirely match up, a fuller picture will slowly emerge.

  5. Joisy Goil

    This brings me back to the late 70’s and early 80’s when all we kept hearing was ‘consensus,’ love the sinner -hate the sin, and families are not only mother + father + children, but also roommates, house-sharers, any group of people who live together. It wasn’t only the seminarians who ‘they’ were trying to brainwash.
    Consensus was the most frequently used technique to control, shame and manipulate those who wanted to contribute time and talent but didn’t buy the new agenda. No wonder that attendance has dropped. Many parishioners simply fled.
    Poor Pope Francis – he certainly has a tough task.
    We must pray the Rosary, Our Lady said she is the only one who can help us. Believe it.

  6. jrpayne827

    We had about 60 people in attendance yesterday at our local Rosary Coast to Coast gathering, Better than I thought, actually. For various reasons, I did not have time to promote it the way I wanted to. But as I looked around, every person there was a mighty prayer warrior. I’m sure our Blessed Mother was pleased.

    I also reminded everyone of the Pope’s request for us ALL to pray the rosary EVERY DAY during the month of October. A great request from Pope Francis, by the way.

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