Update: Donkey wannabees


These guys pass by the rectory. They’ve been geared up in these patriotic days. Alloy wheels aren’t quite the old wooden models, but – Hey! – you do what you can do. These are mules out front, with the body of a horse and the ears of a donkey. Donkey wannabees.

Update: I passed by the wagon train in Andrews NC some months ago. I remember locking eyes with one particular gentleman. I remember being distressed for him. No reason that I knew about. Meanwhile, the guy who fixed my tire the other day told me about this guy who was riding the wagon train as the last thing on his bucket list before dying of cancer.


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2 responses to “Update: Donkey wannabees

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Huge smile here!

  2. sanfelipe007

    A decade or so ago, an art exhibit “Treasures of the Vatican” came to town. A local newspaper article claimed that some of the objects were reproductions.

    I went to the exhibit. When I came upon a certain object, before I read the card that explained what the object was, I was overcome with great emotion. I sensed holiness, and wanted to kneel, but I becalmed myself. I read the card and found out it contained a relic of St. Gregory (the great?).

    I’ll never forget that moment, and how I am still saddened that I did not kneel as my soul wanted. Oh, to be a fool for God. Some of my most poignant memories are bittersweet.

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