After retreat: bullets, razored arrows, cops. “Quiet till you got back, Father.”


This razored hinged hunting arrow was shot into my neighbors yard across corners of two other neighbors’ yards (with little kids about).


It’s full of identifiers…


It looks to have been modified, or fixed up with a bit of glue. Just that red bit at the end I think comes in at about $10.00.


The hinged razors might retail for like $50.00. Let’s see: carbon shaft, special joiners… Maybe just this one arrow is coming in @$75.00. Or am I overpricing that? I’m not into archery at all, though I did shoot arrows round about as a kid with a fiberglass bow.

Anyway, that’s just an arrow. Just as disconcerting for the neighborhood are bullets ricocheting here and there. They’ve whizzed by the neighbor’s dog. I think the target is the neighbor’s propane tank. If I’m guessing who the perp is correctly, he’s not a good shot at all. I’ve never seen him pull a bow back or pull a trigger, so, what do I know? Nothing. It’s usually between, say, 3:23 AM and 3:43 AM. I look at my backlit el-cheapo Casio watch during such events. I bet his favorite TV show ends at 3:00 AM and that’s when he takes out his weapons, perhaps totally plastered.

Various of the neighbors have called in these shenanigans, which, in town, are totally illegal. I haven’t done it up to now, but maybe I should call it in. After all, people’s lives are unnecessarily put at risk by someone mixing alcohol and guns. That never works well. So, fine. I hate to call stuff in because that puts the cops at risk. That’s the very last thing I want to do. And yet…


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8 responses to “After retreat: bullets, razored arrows, cops. “Quiet till you got back, Father.”

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Praying for everyone’s safety, Father.

  2. nancyv

    Call it in! That arrow ain’t right.

  3. Chqrlene

    Please call it in! It puts you and the fur babies at risk!! We’ll have none of that!!

  4. sanfelipe007

    I concur, call it in. Get it on record.

  5. sanfelipe007

    OT, I remember that you once posted about a woman who had been detained by Law enforcement and turned over to ICE. Here is a recent decision by the Eleventh Circuit:

    Woman arrested for driving with suspended license makes bond, but Bulloch County, Ga. jail officials suspect she’s in the U.S. illegally, decline to release her. Her sister calls every 15 minutes for updates, brings documents proving her citizenship to the jail, eventually contacts ICE, which tells the jail to release her. (She’d spent 26 hours in jail.) Eleventh Circuit: The Fourth Amendment requires probable cause to detain someone. Remand to the district court to assess each official’s actions and determine which are responsible.

    Click to access 201714804.pdf

  6. Joisy Goil

    Report this, Father. You said little kids are about. Even if this is done long after they are asleep, they may find the arrows. If they are curious and touch them, they may end up getting serious cuts. No fun for them or their parents.

  7. pelerin

    That looks ferocious. I agree with Joisy Goil this really should be reported. It is so sad that violence today is so common.

    I have just been reading about an American priest from Washington (he is not named in the report I read) who arrived in France on Friday evening at one of the stations in Lyon. He was looking at his map when a man came up to him seemingly to help him. He was led to an isolated area nearby and attacked and knocked unconscious. His bag was stolen – money, air tickets, passport all gone. He needed stitches to his face and spent his first night in France in hospital. He is 82 years old.

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