THAT was unexpected. No Sunday Mass or Holy Hour. “Is Fr George alive?”

mark twain

Sparing you the gross details, lets just say we had catastrophic plumbing difficulties and that Service Master had to be called in for the cleanup and disinfection. It’s against State law to hold any public event without proper plumbing or its equivalent. So, everything was cancelled. But now all is back to normal already. Quick!

Signs were put up on all the doors of the church and office and classrooms and social hall that Mass and Holy Hour and any and all meetings were cancelled. Yellow and black striped caution tape was also used, ensuring no entry. The whole campus looked like a crime scene. But the gross reason for sudden cancelling wasn’t publicized on the notices. My bad. I’m humbled at the first reaction I’m told people had: “Is Fr George alive?”

As Mark Twain had it, and contrary to popular belief…

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”


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6 responses to “THAT was unexpected. No Sunday Mass or Holy Hour. “Is Fr George alive?”

  1. nancyv

    Oh good grief! Life has gotten more exciting now that “you’re back”.
    Where/when did you end up offering the Mass?

  2. pelerin

    That’s a relief Father! And in case you are wondering with the news that South West France has been severely hit by floods last night resulting in at least 13 dead, it would appear that Lourdes has been spared as the floods are more towards the East of the area.

  3. Joisy Goil

    Father, considering some of your ‘adventures’ it isn’t surprising that people would be concerned.
    (On a lighter note, may I share something I thought was amusing and think will make everybody smile?)
    [The first Computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve.
    Surprise! Surprise!
    It was an Apple!
    But with extremely limited memory.
    Just 1 Byte.
    Then everything crashed.]

    • Father George David Byers


    • elizdelphi

      I have to go over to teach First Reconciliation class in a little while, I wonder if I can use this joke with the middle school age kids when speaking about Original Sin? I probably won’t but it’s a great joke and I might find a use for it later.

      Very good that Fr George is living!

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