Alec Baldwin from Jack Ryan to sedition


Alec Baldwin, who ever so ironically played Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan in Hunt for Red October, is a seditionist, calling for the overthrow of the duly elected POTUS of these United States, thus insulting half the voting population and, whether he likes it or not as he sides with Maxine Waters, is setting up violent situations against law enforcement, against politicians, against citizens in good standing. Alec says such things amidst ricin attacks on politicians and military leaders, amidst politicians getting physically attacked and sent to the hospital, amidst attacks on civilians. Just to say, “overthrow” is not ever consonant with “peaceful” and “lawful.” No.


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2 responses to “Alec Baldwin from Jack Ryan to sedition

  1. nancyv

    Well, at least there’s a counter Hollywood guy to Alec Baldwin. I heard James Woods has put out some rollicking good fight cheer, according to LifeSite news.
    And Baldwin is a talented actor – maybe he’s trying to throw out some bait? If not, he’s ridiculous.

  2. Joisy Goil

    I am so, so tired of these people who get paid huge amounts of money to make believe, telling hard working, law abiding, decent Americans what we should think, how we should vote and what’s socially acceptable.

    I would like them a lot better if they stuck with what they are good at. Pretending!

    Everytime one of these people start encroaching where they have no business I put them on my ‘don’t watch’ list. The list is growing.

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