Butternut Squarrrsh Recipe easy for this donkey in a kitchen

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The neighbors to the hermitage gave me a butternut squash (pronounced squarrrrsh). Another friend gave me a pan to bake it in. Cut it in half lengthwise, they said. Take the seeds out, they said. After that I didn’t follow directions anymore. Last night I threw it in an oven preheated to 395 for 55 minutes. Having scooped out everything orange, and adding butter, brown sugar, salt and pepper… Mmm. Mmm. Now I’m hooked. Because it’s as easy as my mainstay, toast, but this just has to be more healthy. Now, a day later, I looked it up. One whole butternut is 272 calories (before butter and brown sugar) and has starchy carbs just like a potato. That‘s why I liked it so much. It’s like a bowl of pasta or some toast. Sigh. Of course, I could just be a carnivore.


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2 responses to “Butternut Squarrrsh Recipe easy for this donkey in a kitchen

  1. meshugunah

    Squash also has beta carotene and lots of other nutrients missing from plain pasta or white toast. D’you think you’d like it savory – salt and pepper, maybe some sriracha- as well as sweet? Just because it’s named “butternut” doesn’t mean butter is required for cooking it! Lots of recipes on the internet to give you ideas – try CookingLight.com…

  2. Butternut squash is something that is currently promoted in the UK as a more healthy alternative to potato or pasta. We can even buy it pre prepared, cut as chips, wedges, pasta sheets and the curiously named squaffles.

    It is delicious as a savoury dish. This evening we had cheesy crumbed cod, minted peas (both home prepared) with butternut squash chips (bought pre cut).

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