Homily 2018 10 25 The divisory attitude of the Son of the Living God

Homilies haven’t been going up on the blog much because, well, here’s the deal: I don’t prepare for the homilies, neither weekday nor Sunday.  I glance at the Gospel hardly breaking my pace while walking to the back of the church to hear confessions. A few seconds. That’s it. No time to mull things over. Launching into the homily, it is what it is. And then, after, I absolutely can’t remember a thing I said. That’s pretty bad. So, I’m afraid to put them up. It’s so easy to get in trouble when anyone anywhere in the world can get upset with what is said. Anyway, I had made a mental note after today’s homily that maybe I really should put this up. I’ve done that a lot, but today I’m somehow overcoming my phobia. It is what it is. It’s typical of all my homilies. It goes right into the danger zone. Pretty militant.


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2 responses to “Homily 2018 10 25 The divisory attitude of the Son of the Living God

  1. Aussie Mum

    A thought provoking homily, Father.

    There seems more divisiveness now than when I was young; leastwise, there’s more divisiveness in my family now. Those who didn’t accept all of the Church’s teaching and didn’t see morality in the same way were in the minority then (1950s) and tended to keep their different situation to themselves. But now, Catholics who dissent from Church teaching are in the majority and that dissent and embrace of immorality are proudly flaunted.

    It makes sense that steadfastness in faith and morals can help the confused to see what is good and true and turn to Our Lord, but is it likely to have that effect on those who already know the truth and have chosen to reject it? I am hoping that it will, eventually, but so far my family is divided in that 3:5 ratio mentioned in the Gospel and the “three” accuse the “two” of narrowness and an inability to adapt to the modern world. Consequently, the “three” don’t spend time with the “two”, preferring the company of more advanced human beings.

  2. nancyv

    Dear Father, Be Not Afraid. Trust in the Holy Spirit and strive to save souls.
    This homily…. THIS HOMILY, has changed my life and speaks directly to a situation another friend and I are in with a 3rd friend. I am really going to just ask God, with every thought, word and deed, to “let them see You in me” (there is a good song of that title too). Anyway, thank you thank you Deo gratias!

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