New Police Force in Andrews: Drugs, violence, destruction no more. My own zero tolerance policy at the church

andrews nc police department

“I started with these guys (Andrews Police Department) a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, or crimes against people or property” – Chief JJ Wooten.

I very much appreciate that. In fact, they intervened for me a few days ago with someone who, first thing, volunteered to say something to the officer who just happened to drive by (I love that), saying to the officer that he wasn’t selling drugs in the Church parking lot (no one said he was).

I have my own zero tolerance policy for anyone like, say, an escape felon, using our campus as a hideout, or to ditch (stolen) drug vehicles, or to sell drugs, to do drug drops and pickups, or who otherwise endangers our parishioners by, say, threatening with guns, especially if this endangers the numerous kids among our increasing Latino population. All that has gone on over the last five years.

My zero tolerance policy for many years now is to rat out to the police – either by text messages (with or without pictures) or by calling 911 – anyone who is ultra-suspicious, anyone, that is, who, to all accounts, purposes and reconstructions seems to be involved in illicit activities, particularly on our church campus.

The “I’m not selling drugs” guy did a drive-by yesterday just about blowing his engine by down-shifting to make noise, hardly able to avoid driving off the road with all his apoplectic noise making. I was outside the church down by the road with a plumber and our risk-retention manager discussing how to go about making major repairs on the campus plumbing. I had to tell them we would have to run up the hill if the guy came back acting like a crazy man. He didn’t. I digress.

We now have 24/7 coverage with the police, really difficult with only five guys total, but I sure do appreciate it, as does the whole town. After some quick drug busts, people are all smiles saying how great our new police force is. I agree.

The word on the street is that this is now a law and order town. The rule of law, when consonant with the natural law, is always the way to go. It’s a preparation for the Gospels; it’s encouraged by the Gospels.

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One response to “New Police Force in Andrews: Drugs, violence, destruction no more. My own zero tolerance policy at the church

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    God bless and defend your police force. May apppreciation for all they do grow stronger. It is a difficult, dangerous and dirty job made essential by the disobedience of our first parents, and the weakness of their children.

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