Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre: *Je suis Juif*

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was “hard to underestimate the horror” of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, during a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. The Israeli cabinet joined the prime minister in observing a minute of silence in honour of the 11 victims of the attack, which took place on Saturday at the Tree of Life synagogue in the Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh in the north-eastern United States. Netanyahu added that, “all of Israel is grieving with the families of those murdered in this horrifying massacre” and said that “Israel stands in one front with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh, with the Jewish communities in the United States, all the communities and with the American people.” Mandatory credit: Israeli GPO

  • My first reaction was solidarity with the Jewish community of the Tree of Life Synagogue and solidarity with all Jews in this small world.
  • My second reaction was to volunteer as security for any Shabbat event. I have Jewish background, and I’m Catholic, meaning that I can carry a phone and… um… other things… on the Sabbath.
  • My third reaction was my homily at Mass. I may publish some of that later. It’s too easy to say that the shooter guy is crazy. That absolves everyone from politically correct but also evil choices to be ever more prejudice, you know, those “little” choices in “insignificant” moments throughout one’s life, culpable choices, all of which, unless severely repented from, will inevitably bring one to a “crazy” moment.
  • My fourth reaction was to wonder how to go about changing some attitudes. I know someone with the very self-same perspective as the shooter guy, that is, with all the same conspiracy theories. The FBI tells me that that guy I know is a nice guy.

By all accounts, the shooter guy was also a nice guy. This is what nice guys can do:

pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Back to that nice guy I know; he’s a Shadow-y conspiracy theorist brimming over with hatred for all Jews; he might want to consider some commands from a certain Jew: “Love your neighbor as yourself” on the one hand, and on the other hand, as with a handshake: “Love your enemies.” It’s stupid to lump people together, saying, stupidly, that all people of a certain race or religion belong to a conspiracy of one’s own description just because they belong to a certain race or religion.


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2 responses to “Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre: *Je suis Juif*

  1. nancyv

    I am pretty sure we would all benefit from your homily about this.
    It p’smo that we focus on the political aspect and yet it shows what a hypocrite I am too…Black lives matter, Jewish lives matter, unborn children, dare I say everyone’s lives matter… come on people! And we will continue on this path of killing until in God’s time, the Final Judgement. Shoot, I might be close to that “crazy moment”. I really think I need that homily Father.

    • nancyv

      sorry for my rant – I so identify with Peter when Jesus says to him “get behind me Satan” and when Peter wants to build the 3 tents when he denies knowing Jesus… (Thank you Lord)

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