RICO involving all (arch)dioceses and all (arch)eparchies and any prelature, order, congregation… or NOT…

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There’s a few weird things with the reporting on RICO investigations for all:

  1. The letter arrives by “FedEx”. So, a government entity is using a private carrier to perform an official function when there are penalties applying to USPS services that don’t apply to private entities. Interesting. I have to wonder just how official that official function is. Is it knowing overreach? Maybe. Moreover, the letter states that it is sent by FedEx. Who has ever heard even once that a letter was sent by FedEx. That seems to have a bit of insanity about it. Am I missing something? Is it like, “Ooooo! FedEx!”… or something like that?
  2. The letter from the U.S. Attorney to everyone outside of Pennsylvania does not seem to be an order but rather it is explicitly stated that it is a “request”. That’s not a declared investigation. That speaks to a courtesy. I’m thinking that the idea is protect the archives of any diocese or whatever group which might have been involved with anyone who might have been transferred from diocese to diocese, especially over state lines, if one of those states involves Pennsylvania.
  3. If it really was a declared RICO investigation of all Catholic entities in these USA and territories, it would have issued not from a US Attorney in Pennsylvania, but from the Department of Justice in D.C., right?
  4. There is no request for any physical sending of any files at this time or possibly any time. It just depends on the web woven that involves Pennsylvania.

In sum, it seems that this is all about Pennsylvania, but will involve other places and entities inasmuch as they involve Pennsylvania, and then, if all is nefarious in those other places, that will be enough to begin another center of investigation, and then the web grows. But for now, it’s all about Pennsylvania. In other words, it’ll be drawn out.


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2 responses to “RICO involving all (arch)dioceses and all (arch)eparchies and any prelature, order, congregation… or NOT…

  1. Letters get sent by FedEx (Is it still legally “Federal Express”?) all of the time. I’ve gotten a number of them over the years. It is also a money-wasting habit that organizations sometimes get into, even when ordinary First Class mail would be adquate.

    Also, FedEx offered overnight delivery *with full tracking* long before the USPS even started to try. (USPS tracking is still not up to the standards of private services, though it is improving.)

    Further, the USPS is not as reliable as it used to be. I once sent an International Express Mail letter from Madison, Wisconsin, to Rome (Italy, not Rome, Wisconsin). It took 8 days for the letter to get to O’Hare airport, something over 100 miles away. Someone had managed to put my extremely expensive Express Mail letter in the same bag as the bulk mail. Of course, the letter got there WAY to late to do any good. The post office refunded my postage. How nice.

    So, yes, really critical letters are often sent via Federal Express or some other private courier that guarantees performance, even when sent from U.S. Government offices.

    • Father George David Byers

      I mean, I wouldn’t ignore it! I once got a letter from USA in rural Italy the next day USPS normal postage. Another took four months but I would put that on Italy at the time.

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