Youth Synod: paragraph 146

146. Il Sinodo auspica che nella Chiesa si istituiscano ai livelli adeguati appositi Uffici o organismi per la cultura e l’evangelizzazione digitale, che, con l’imprescindibile contributo di giovani, promuovano l’azione e la riflessione ecclesiale in questo ambiente. Tra le loro funzioni, oltre a favorire lo scambio e la diffusione di buone pratiche a livello personale e comunitario, e a sviluppare strumenti adeguati di educazione digitale e di evangelizzazione, potrebbero anche gestire sistemi di certificazione dei siti cattolici, per contrastare la diffusione di fake news riguardanti la Chiesa, o cercare le strade per persuadere le autorità pubbliche a promuovere politiche e strumenti sempre più stringenti per la protezione dei minori sul web.

One of my previous blogs actually did have certification of the Holy See, which consisted of code connecting to a Vatican news widget. The rest of the email was this:

Greetings in the Lord!
Yours faithfully,
Servizio Internet Vaticano
Direzione delle Telecomunicazioni
Città del Vaticano


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7 responses to “Youth Synod: paragraph 146

  1. pelerin

    I only have a smattering of Italian but have been able to understand the piece highlighted in red although I am not sure if it is for or against such a system.
    Since discovering the Catholic blogosphere I have often thought that it is a pity there is not some sort of imprimatur such as there once was for books in order to discern ‘orthodox’ writers from the ‘unorthodox.’ It is left up to us now to work out which ones should be avoided and which ones to follow with confidence. I started off by only reading those blogs which were linked to by a local priest I knew to be ‘orthodox’. Those who are only just discovering the Catholic blogosphere have a mine field to go through unless they can start in the same way.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I see the term, “fake news,” Made it into the document. Not a good sign that the secular world’s terms are creeping into the the Church’s official lexicon.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Anyway, instituting new offices that will manage and certify sites to counter fake news, seems like just another way to grab more power. What is wrong with asking for one’s Bishop’s Nihil obstat, or Imprimiture? Could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the Bishop, I guess.

    Do we really need this? Will there now be a Vatican Fact checker? What could go wrong?

    Father, how do you foresee the affects on your site if this new office is created?

    • Father George David Byers

      I think it will devolve to vicars foranes. Mine is a good friend, totally Catholic. Buy that works the otherwise way too, for libs: “How dare you be such a monster and question my orthodoxy. My superiors say it’s good to belong to the new revolution.”

  4. sanfelipe007

    I misspelled Imprimatur. Typing too fast -my ideas are prolly half-baked as well.

  5. pelerin

    I see Rorate Caeli have the above in English. However they are worried in case the ‘wrong’ blogs get censored. I had not thought of that!

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