“We have to purify the gene pool”


A conversation I had the other day:

  • Interlocutor: “We have to purify the gene pool, breeding more.”
  • Me: “You know that I’m Jewish, right?”
  • Interlocutor: “Well – tsk tsk – Hitler was a little off with a lot of killing.”
  • Me: “A lot of killing?”

I’ll take that as a threat.


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5 responses to ““We have to purify the gene pool”

  1. pelerin

    ‘A little off’ in this context must class as the understatement of all time.

  2. Lord that their eyes may see. Still a lot of sick individuals in this world.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    We cannot comprehend the immensity of evil present in actions such as the Jewish genocide, or the Armenian genocide which preceded it. We label it as sickness, because we can almost feel sympathy for people who, through mental weakness, could be involved in such evil. Perhaps we should begin to use the term “evil” which is a much more accurate descriptor. .

    • Father George David Byers

      But we can actually be that evil. We can’t just say: the devil made me do it. Also, erroneous conscience does NOT justify. Yikes!

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