Omaha Steaks by post… but…


I’ve heard Nebraska beef talked up a lot. Omaha Steaks are out of North Carolina. Dunno if they get their beef from Nebraska, which is the new Argentina, even the New South Africa (or so I hear). Thanks to whoever sent these in. They went straight into the freezer (which is O.K., as they are vacuum sealed and so any would-be freezer burn is not really an issue).

Meanwhile, I threw the dry ice in the sink and turned on the water and watched the show. That was the best part, bringing back memories of elaborate haunted houses as a kid.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting up posts about not wanting to be caught out taking gifts from certain categories of people. Sorry to be discriminatory to our intel services, but one can’t be too careful if one has a long history of bribes in this regard. The Omaha Steaks box was an anonymous gift in the midst of those protestations. I’m sure it’s all innocent and from a friend. Yet, I bid the sender let me know who it’s from.

Otherwise I might have to have a post on feeding such delicacies to Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog, just to be able to prove that that my hands are clean. I would hate, say, after a month or so, if some intel guy were to come up to me and ask if the steaks were delicious and add that there’s more where that came from, and then add something like, “Did you ever talk with […] when you were in […]?” with that conversation going nowhere good.

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