Eucharistic Miracle: “Dispose of it”

Wasn’t a priest whistle-blower murdered in Buffalo Diocese hours before bringing files to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò? There seems to be a culture in Buffalo to buffalo. But it’s not that the Buffalo buffalo are striking back as in some sort of “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

No linguistic spoofs here. What does “Dispose of “it”!” mean? Whatever of any miracle – Jesus can do that anytime He wants – it sounds like this was still an intact Host. And then we want to slow waaaay down. Does anyone know any more about this? Was this an intact Host that was “disposed of”?


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6 responses to “Eucharistic Miracle: “Dispose of it”

  1. Mildred Reyes

    Obedience is better than….Jesus would submit just as
    He did to Pilate but the manner of disposal will reveal the faith of the priest. Consuming JESUS would seem to be the only appropriate method to me. As you said, Jesus can do this anytime . Mildred AMDG

    • Father George David Byers

      If it’s a miracle I don’t think it would disintegrate in the water… The only method would be consumption. But this seems contrary to the will of the most Supreme Legislator and involves His very Person. No disobedience in waiting a bit. I’m concerned that they didn’t seem to wait.

  2. I am deeply saddened by this. This would never have happened in my parish or yours Fr George. What a disgrace!

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    The smoke of the evil one is truly in the sanctuary. If this had been investigated and found to be truly miraculous, how embarrassing that would be for the cabal seeking (however fruitlessly) to destroy God’s own Faith. Forgive us Heavenly Father, for we know what we do.

  4. pelerin

    (Am having a problem putting up a comment so apologies if this is duplicated)
    I am horrified that neither bishop wanted to investigate further. What were they afraid of? That perhaps it was proof of the presence of Christ in the Host?
    And to think that they ordered it to be disposed of with no investigation – words fail me.

  5. nancyv

    I’d say Buffalo botched that buffaloing and will soon see (please God) that you just don’t mess with Jesus! The whole situational response of the bishop is horrid and grateful for World Over for reporting it.

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