Shadow-dog Mud-dog happiest when…


Whoever thinks I’m mean to let Shadow-dog become Mud-dog, totally soaking wet, totally full of mud, when it’s just barely above freezing so that we didn’t get multiple inches or feet of snow in the last few days like others did in North Carolina, at least right here in town (parts of the parish were socked), well, know this, this is when Shadow-dog is at his happiest. And, don’t worry, he has a nice, dry, sheltered house outside, and comes in at night where’s it’s warm and dry so that he can dry off and get ready for another round the next day. I include the top picture so that you know he’s got plenty of grass to run on but prefers a mud-hole in which to splash about. If you don’t know that about GSDs, German Shepherd Dogs, you know nothing at all about these creatures who are not so much dogs as wolves. They train up like Navy SEALs, doing up all the bad stuff so as to be toughened up, and love it, and never, ever quit. The last thing to do is feel sorry for a Navy SEAL or for a GSD. If that’s how you feel, like feeling sorry, you yourself have to be brought to another level. And that’s the thing about heroes. You don’t say they are great and that’s it. You strive to be like them in what ways you can, and you can. Let’s take some close-ups so that we know what we’re talking about:




Shadow-dog. My hero.


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4 responses to “Shadow-dog Mud-dog happiest when…

  1. Lara

    That’s a lotta muddy paws and body to wipe off every night. Yikes!

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    If a happy dog is a messy dog, Shadow-dog (disguised as Mud=dog must be borderline ecstatic!

  3. When I was a kid we got a German shepherd puppy because the breeder was going to put him down because his coloration wasn’t standard. He was cream colored and we called him “Angel.” The breeder had him neutered so that he wouldn’t breed and taint the breed.

    He was the best dog we ever had. Loyal, obedient and yes, he trained us. But my brother all of 8 years had him figured out. Whenever Angel got too independent and tried to run off, my bro would fall to the ground and pretend to be hurt. Angle would run back to his buddy and my bro would grab him.

    Great memory.

  4. I love the first photo of Shadow-dog. So full of movement and life 🙂

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