Phones and Sacramental Confessions

cspan google ceo sundar pichai data collection

Everything is absolutely always and in every way collected. Turn off your phone, take out the battery and sim-card, and twice as much info is sent to google the second you turn on your phone. You can’t actually turn off your phone. There’s a second battery for emergency purposes. You can always call 911 regardless of no main battery and no sim card and no contract. Your phone always collects your location in extreme detail, such as logging when you are in your car or just stepped outside of your car. That google capitalizes on this is a bit over the top.

Anyway, certainly when your phone is on all speech is instantaneously turned into text and analyzed – for marketing, of course – and this works spectacularly. I mention one thing in a non-phone conversation and it instantaneously shows up in search results and especially in YouTube suggestions. Awesome, but a bit creepy and invasive. One objection I have is the storage on google-servers of privileged conversations.

  • Imagine: business deals and insider information. Lots of power and money there.
  • Imagine: attorney-client privilege. Lots of power and control there.
  • Imagine: doctor-patient privilege. Lots of power and messing around there.
  • Imagine: Counselor-client privilege. Lots of power of manipulation there.
  • Imagine: NSA, CIA, FBI et other alphabet agencies analogously making stuff available…
  • Imagine: Priest-Penitent Seal of Confession privileges…

There should be law regulating possession of a phone anywhere near a Confessional or anywhere near any Sacramental Confession wherever it is, both on the Confessor’s part and on the part of the Penitent. Pockets or purses don’t work. Really. Not.


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5 responses to “Phones and Sacramental Confessions

  1. pelerin

    I agree that it is spooky that we all appear now to be followed in this way.

    However it can be amusing when whoever or whatever is following you gets the wrong end of the stick. I remember going on to the Lourdes website and later, up popped an advert for walk -in baths! And on looking up details of the Corpus Christi procession at Arundel, which has a magnificent carpet of flowers laid each year in the cathedral, up popped an advert for a famous English brand of carpets! And the adverts also seem to know that I am ‘of a certain age’ and where I live. Talk about Big Brother is watching you.

    When I sent a local blogger a report on the bo-b hoax in Lourdes a few years ago I was a little worried as I had read that if you mention the word b-mb in an email it can be picked up by the powers that be and investigated.

  2. Is your cellular telephone an Android?

  3. sanfelipe007

    Wonderful, now every phone is an eavesdropping device for big brother.

  4. I don’t have a Google Account and don’t plan to get one, ever. On the rare occasion that I need an app, I get the APK from a colleague. That may help with privacy. I also keep the phone off as often as I have it on. The only email that is on there is hosted on our corporate server; no GMail or Yahoo or any of the other oligarchs.

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