Blocked! I’m suspicious! It is to laugh. So: *Whateevveerr…*

suspicious web page blocked

Not the first time. I can’t count the times with various blogs through the years. The note speaks of phishing and generically of “internet security” and it is not said if the blocking was by way of algorithm or by human intervention, meaning that it can be flagged because of ideological perspectives whether directly or by a thusly tweaked algorithm. Whateevveerr…

I do know that there has been quite a precise interest in a recent post on toxic clouds the other day, you know, by certain agencies. Whateevveerr…

I do know that firstly youtube and immediately after google (linex) [always in that order and in that way] have shown quite a precise interest in a certain recent post on the Congressional grilling of their CEO the other day. Whateevveerr…

At the same time, weirdly, I got a “scam call” with an odd menu, which I just ignored until, in like three more seconds, it hung up. What makes that one particular call among zillions of such calls is that my phone was set to total silence for the sake of not being disturbed at Holy Mass. No notifications. No ringing for calls. Nothing. But it rang for that call. Looking for an oral comment? Whateevveerr… Just a bug inside the phone, I’m sure. “He’s cute!” ;-)


This guy was climbing the church walls. He must be the bug in the system of my phone.

Also, weirdly, at the same time, I got a note on privacy setting changes for just one account I haven’t used or even accessed for like seven years (and that I totally forgot about) that I created specifically to comment on a friend’s blog called jihadwatch something like ten years ago. It has an email address that I also used to bait terrorists and terrorist funding organizations at that time, but not since. That was good recreation. I learned a lot about the Qur’an from the perspective of terrorists as well. I used that for my ecclesiastical thriller novel Jackass for the Hour. I know, I have to get back to that. Anyway, with that account, I learned just how it is that I could easily work up relationships with the worst of the worst. And while people might know the exterior details of that, it’s quite another thing to know the why of it all. That takes something else than mere analysis. Anywhere, whenever you get privacy setting changes for just one of many, it seems that it’s a CYA move on a provider’s part for liberality of actions to the contrary which they’ve already taken. Whateevveerr… I’m sure whoever reads all of that will be inspired.

As I say, my life is an open book. Whateevveerr…


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8 responses to “Blocked! I’m suspicious! It is to laugh. So: *Whateevveerr…*

  1. nancyv

    Ah Fr. George, would we all live as an open book and cut out this stupid duplicity that is of the devil. To paraphrase St. Catherine: Be who we are made to be and we will set the world afire! That audible phone call during Holy Mass must have been jarring for sure. I’m just rambling here, but going to Utah for Christmas and will not have access to this wonderful site, so I will feeeel like I am being blocked. Sometime soon, please republish Jackass of the Hour as it is the most fascinating “true” story.

  2. James Anderson

    Hi Fr. George,
    Putting out some more chapters of “Jackass for the Hour” would be a great Christmas present for your faithful readers. Pleaseeeee!

  3. pelerin

    ‘Bless me Father for I have sinned. I have been reading a Blog which has been marked ‘Suspicious.’
    ‘And which one is that my child?’
    ‘Fr Byers in America.’
    ‘Oh no not another one!’

  4. As it is Norton (a virus/threat checker) flagging up the message, I suspect the problem is due a page you have linked to. It is probably something that shows on the current page of your posts.

    PS: I am still waiting for the next chapter in “Jackass for the Hour” 🙂

    • Father George David Byers

      I don’t think anything I link to are hell-holes of viruses though…

      • Let me explain a bit more… It is not about the page you linked to, it is about something on that page that flags up an alert. It is something to review and decided if it is a threat.

        A few years ago I was looking up a reference to a British Garden Bird (a perfectly legitimate site that I often used for reference). My computer suddenly went berserk (I noticed that something had been downloaded to my computer!) The page I was looking at had been infected by a virus, someone had hacked in and placed malicious code on the page.

        Current virus checkers block malicious content such as this and give alerts to potential threats for us to investigate.

      • Father George David Byers

        Thanks Cherry?

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