Patriotism: I’m overwhelmed


The great Beverly Elliott at Congressman Mark Meadows field office in Murphy NC was able to nudge the Navy guys in Millington TN sufficiently that dad’s list of medals and then the medals themselves were provided. I had been unsuccessful for decades, but she was able to do this straightaway. Ms Elliott didn’t like just giving them to me, so she offered to get hold of a guy in Waynesville NC who makes shadow boxes for medals of decorated veterans pro-bono, and then said that she’ll try to get Mark over so that these could be presented a bit more officially. I love that. Dad, post-mortem, will be able to encourage a bit of patriotism in these USA. We need that always and especially today.


I tried to place the medals in order of precedence. Note the double issuance of the first two medals as signified by the stars on the ribbons, and the triple issuance of the last medal as signified by the two stars on the ribbon of that medal. I’ve written of the first three medals in generalities:

Ms Elliott said that she’s going to try to get the stories of the particular circumstances for the issuance of the first number of medals as recommended by the POTUS of the day.

The above medals are issued by these USA. There are three other medals issued by the Philippines, Korea and even the United Nations – Hey! – the back-in-the-day-U.N.!


Patriotism is a virtue of the natural law and is blessed by God. Speaking of God, my best memory of dad is when I was only a few years old and was able to walk up the aisle of the Cathedral church to kneel at the linen-covered altar rail with him at Communion time. I’ve written of this before:

My favorite memory of him was back in the Autumn of 1962, when I was just 2 1/2 years old. I’d walk up in the Communion line next to him with the rest of the family behind us. This was at the Cathedral with its gorgeous altar rail with the linens flipped over the top. I was always impressed by the linens getting flipped over the top, just as I was with kneeling there beside my dad, reaching up as high as I could to put my hands under the linens like he was doing. I was pretty small. I was filled with such wonder and awe and reverence as the priest and altar boy with paten would make it over to us. They would start on the Epistle side. We were always on the Gospel side. Everything worked together to instill reverence.

It was good be on my knees with dad before the Lord Jesus. Very good.

Why mention that in this post on the medals of a highly decorated war hero? Because here we have a warrior on his knees, in reverence, before The Warrior, Jesus, in the epic battle of good over evil, God over Satan. And dad is with Jesus. I love that.


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5 responses to “Patriotism: I’m overwhelmed

  1. A wonderful gift to you.

  2. Monica Harris

    Holy moly, that’s a lot of serious medals!
    Generous of Beverly Elliott, and “the guy in Waynesville” and Congressman Mark Meadows to go the distance on this, to match the patriotic generosity of your father.
    I love the reverence before The Warrior, not forgotten.

  3. pelerin

    Wonderful to see all those medals awarded to your father. A true hero.

    Interested to read of your experience as a little lad with the cloth over the altar rails. I attended an EF High Mass in Paris on Sunday where this is used. I have been to this particular church several times now since discovering it but refrain from receiving Holy Communion as I have no idea what to do there and would be afraid of doing the wrong thing. Because it is well attended I am always near the back so am unable to see what the Communicants do.

    In order to attend Mass this time I had to pass through a police cordon and pick my way around broken glass as the area was sealed off with many police cars and fire engines. There had been an explosion ( believed to have been caused by a gas leak) some 24 hours earlier nearby in which tragically four people lost their lives including two young firemen. The church (St Eugene-Ste Cecile) has many magnificent stained glass windows and we were told only one was shattered in the blast. A special prayer was sung at Mass for those who had died although unfortunately I did not recognise it.

  4. Mary E.

    I am happy for you, Father. You must feel so proud of your father.

    And, Happy Feast of the Ass! A salutory day for all donkey-priests.

  5. Oh, so very glad you posted the pictures of the medals – so we too, can delight in the patriotic generosity – as Monica Harris so aptly names it – of your father. Yes, you have much reason to be proud of your father. And I am sure, he is very proud of his priestly son, and intercedes for you.
    God bless!

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