Pelosi reincarnates Acosta. Laudie-dog Secret Service dog to the rescue!


Pelosi saying that the State of the Union address should be put off because there is no security (that’s a lie, by the way), speaks to her desire, I guess, for a wall around D.C., or is it a fence, or slats, or a barrier, or a force-field, or more drones, or entitlement to nice thoughts?

I’ll loan Laudie-dog to the Secret Service for the evening. She’s a decent attack dog should any ne’er-do-wells show up to take over the District. Sorry to wake you up, Laudie-dog…


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8 responses to “Pelosi reincarnates Acosta. Laudie-dog Secret Service dog to the rescue!

  1. That’s one of your best pictures of Laudie! I always feel cheered up when I see her picture.

  2. Laudie looks like she understands and is thinking, ‘sure send me in, I’ll take care of things.”

  3. Please don’t expose Laudiedog to our politicians. That’s cruel and unusual punishment

  4. Charlene

    Yes, that is a great photo of Laudie-dog who obviously was asleep and who needs her rest. Pls don’t threaten to send her to DC! She has enough on her hands with you and Shadow-dog.

    • Father George David Byers

      I knew that you, Charlene, my favourite US diplomat, would come to Laudie’s rescue!

  5. sanfelipe007

    All good things come from God. Laudie-dog is one of them.

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