Erasing my mom?

Today I discovered that a recent article about my mom had been deleted. WordPress makes it difficult to trash posts. In the main editor, you have to scroll the sidebar, click the tiny trashcan, and then wait for another screen to come up with a dialog box that is waiting for a confirmation click indicating that you really want to delete the post.

When I noted that it wasn’t there, I went in search of it in the drafts, among those marked “personal” and finally found it in the trash. It’s restored now:

Verbalize your evaluation of your mother, Father George


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2 responses to “Erasing my mom?

  1. When odd things like this happen to me I know it is a message ‘from above’ for me to understand.
    I notice odd things happening quite often in different ways.

  2. Monica Harris

    I am glad you reposted this after ?“trashing” because it led me to so many thought and prayer tangents that are still whirling around and haven’t settled down yet.

    ( I give up on WordPress logistics- had wanted to wish you congratulations on
    3 Ordination Anniversary, 27 is a very cool number, but could not figure out how to do the superscript on WP, and gave up. SO…. happy anniversary! )

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