Homily 2019 01 30 – Parables, lest they repent and be saved (that being bad)

saint mark saint peter

Saint Mark and Saint Peter

That citation from the account of Isaiah’s vocation to dull hearts, stop up ears and blind eyes lest anyone see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts and turn to the Lord and be saved… you know… THAT citation that no one goes near lest we die of wretchedness.

A separate rant on Mark: I chose this passage in Mark for my doctoral seminar topic, discovering heaps about Mark’s usage, a totally cool citation from the Rabbis citing Isaiah. ;-) But NO ONE wants to hear about that because, you know, it’s always been said that Mark ignores the Jews and writes only for the Gentiles, you know, a short catechism thing. But that betrays everything in Mark. Interesting thing about Mark, whose Gospel commentators dismiss as being early, simplistic, a nothing burger, interesting that the passages which Mark shares with, say, Matthew, are longer in themselves than Matthew or at least are each even much more theologically developed than in Matthew. Weren’t expecting that, were you?

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One response to “Homily 2019 01 30 – Parables, lest they repent and be saved (that being bad)

  1. Monica Harris

    This is Truth.
    As you said (in an understated way), this is Revelation.
    Thank you.

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