They likely died in Chełmno extermination camp


Chełmno Nazi genocide “camp” is about 30 miles North of Litzmannstadt Ghetto on the North side of Łódź, Poland. As it happens, about 20 years ago I gave a retreat near Łódź not knowing much of my ancestry at the time. As more things appear on the internet as the months go by, it seems that both parents and both grandparents of my mom were Jewish. The names are concentrated in Łódź. Only three people survived Chełmno. About 350,000 were murdered in Chełmno.

Here’s a picture of the children being rounded up to be put to death by the monstrous coward-Nazis:

Jewish children of Litzmannstadt Ghetto of Łódź Poland being brought to Chełmno Nazi extermination camp

I think of the guy who stole my identity, not knowing I’m Jewish, what with me on way to a Catholic seminary so many years ago. That “Shadow” of mine is now more vicious than ever, saying he wants to kill Jews. He has a handler who is also into “purification” of the “race,” (GS-13). He must be upset that he stole the identity of someone of race he hates. It’s a lifetime of frustration for him.

He has zero compunction for making arms transfers to the Sinaloa Cartel. Mexicans aren’t his race, so he doesn’t mind that 226,000 people have been exterminated, a number nearing the number of those exterminated in Chełmno.

I remember when he was in maximum security prison in Mexico, when he wanted me to get him money to pay off a Mexican to take his place in prison (get that?). Of course I didn’t give him a thing. Then I would have had two other people using my identity.

Instead, I asked him recently if he didn’t realize that his bad actions could get me landed in prison, as, after all, it’s done in my name. He immediately answered, instantly angry, that that’s all part of it, that I should get over it: “You just do the time and who cares?” My protestations that it isn’t right that I go to prison for his crimes didn’t register with him. It’s like I didn’t exist, didn’t count for anything. I guess that goes along with him shooting at me so many times.

It strikes me just now that this “Shadow” was recruited to help destroy a competing economy of a neighboring nation on the basis of his vicious racism. That racism wouldn’t permit his conscience to get in the way of doing what he did, you know, because those Mexicans in Mexico don’t count anyway, so that if they do exist they shouldn’t.

Just like the Nazi treatment of the Jews, all men, women and children are killed unless they have always been total sycophants of the cartel guys.

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  1. Monica Harris

    According to Wikipedia, the “killing operations” in Chelmno started on December 8, 1941—so we greatly need a Flower for the Immaculate Conception.

    Just as it was a miracle that Yaron Svoray was born at all, it is a miracle that you were born as well, Father Byers. The Light prevails, and the darkness shall not overcome Him.

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