Road danger: wheels ready to fall off and me ignoring my guardian angel


So, yesterday, while pulling to a stop up in Robbinsville, I heard a metallic scrape then quiet, scrape then quiet, scrape then quiet. “A wheel is being cut off at the axle,” was my first reaction. In fact, all 20 lug nuts of all four wheels were loose as a goose.  Above is a picture of the rear-driver side. Below is a close up of one of those lug nuts, just ready to fall off altogether.


The weird thing is that I had mentioned this to the crowd at Mass, and one of the parishioners called me just after Mass to tell me of a coincidence. Very close to the church but in the opposite way I took to go home, the road was clogged up with a car badly parked to the side, and multiple emergency vehicles. It seems that car had had an entire wheel shear off while driving while we were at Mass. Yikes!

The thing is, it came to mind -strongly – a hundred times that my guardian angel was telling me that there was something super wrong with the wheels and that I should take a look lest I die. I didn’t. To my peril. Now having become aware of the danger I was in,  and remembering very clearly the warning my guardian angel had been giving me all along, I apologized to my guardian angel and asked for his forgiveness. That’s rather awkward since angels can’t forgive us since they have no right to forgive us since they have not taken on a human nature and have not stood in our place, the innocent for guilty, mercy being founded on justice, as did our Lord Jesus. However, the angels can have great joy in heaven because of seeing our repentance, as they see that our Lord forgives us. Angels see God in the face, and know much better than we do just how awesome that love of God for us miserable fallen creatures is. I asked my guardian angel to help me that I become more compliant to his instructions and warnings and encouragement and guidance.

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

By the way, just to be clear, I don’t think any of this was malicious, at least with my car.


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5 responses to “Road danger: wheels ready to fall off and me ignoring my guardian angel

  1. Nan

    Your poor guardian angel!

  2. sanfelipe007

    I wonder if GAs ever say “YIKES!” when they charged with the care of a priest’s soul.

  3. Stephen Round

    .Last tire shop or wheel rotation failure to properly torque lugs.???Those guys get rushed by boss man sometimes.No malicious intent.Canada they stamp on bill return in 100 km.I look at that picture not good.No good.Glad at fact your good.Old grease monkey been thier.Good Angels.Happy future motoring.New tires or rotation recheck lug nuts in near future worth repeating.

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