McCarrick laicization public: Success of “package” delivered to Rome

pope francis cardinal mccarrick
Pope Francis continues to assist McCarrick to be on a proper path to the Lord, first by dismissing him from being a Cardinal, and now dismissing him from the clerical state. Good on you, Pope Francis.

McCarrick was put down January 11. He appealed. At a “Feria Quarta” meeting of the members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith after this appeal the appeal was rejected. That decision was ratified by Pope Francis the next day and this has now been publicized.

Your prayers are requested for the victims of McCarrick. More than that, and I know this is difficult, but your prayers are also asked for McCarrick.

What we must do is to bring greater honor and glory to God, which is to make flourish as much as we can the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who, stunningly, loved us all while we were yet sinners. Some accept this grace. Some reject this grace.

While we breathe we must have hope for all, as that is what most respects what our Lord has done for us all. Having hope for all on earth is not at all in any way the same as having hope that all are saved. Instead, having hope for all who are still alive on this earth is to say that we have doubt for the salvation of anyone, but, for our Lord who redeemed all, we must desire that as many as will allow themselves to be saved by God’s grace will in fact be saved. And that does us a world of good, an eternity of good.

The angels made the delivery to Pope Francis of what I call “The Package” possible back in September 2018. The deposition then came about in December. Three weeks later the decree in January, then the appeal, then the rejection, then the ratification, then the public decree in February 2019. Absolutely everything instantaneously fell into place beautifully. The angels made it happen. I’m guessing that since the delivery of that package and the laicization this represents possibly a turnaround time for such an action over against a [Cardinal] Archbishop the fastest in the history of the Church. As far as I know, he’s also the most senior member of the hierarchy to be laicized ever.

The “Package” I brought over, the case of a priest, is absolutely amazing. His story is a story which must be told. It speaks to fidelity amidst suffering. It speaks to the greatness of the priesthood amidst suffering. It speaks to the intercession of the angels and saints. It speaks to the greatness, yes, also of some in the hierarchy also over in Rome and also of those in the dicasteries, yes, even the midst of infidelity and politicking of others. Again, please pray for this priest, whom I consider a good friend.


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5 responses to “McCarrick laicization public: Success of “package” delivered to Rome

  1. sanfelipe007

    Prayers prayed! More to come. God bless you father, I know how privileged information can be a temptation to gossip with every post.

  2. nancyv

    What sanfelipe007 said! and what you said about the angels! I have never been more happier to pray for all you asked.

  3. elizdelphi

    I’m very thankful and very happy to pray including for Mr. McCarrick. I have long believed very much in praying for laicized clergy and ex religious that they do not fall away but die in a state of Grace. Their life is not over and Christ wants everyone to seek His Kingdom and inherit eternal life–it is very sad how often these souls just collapse ans fall away when they leave their privileged status in the Church. But as others have said, there is a whole network of clergy who enabled McCarrick, even knowingly enabled, and a whole network of those whose careers he greatly furthered and put in positions of power. There’s so much more to this story and it’s essential that this laicization not seem to have “resolved” the whole thing.

  4. We must pray for our enemy, Mr. McCarrick, because Jesus told us to do so. I use the word ‘enemy’ because someone who could/would lead us into spiritual mischief causing our eternal death is indeed an enemy of the worst sort. As you said, it is not easy but if it’s done in obedience to Jesus it becomes easier. Not only that, our enemy becomes special to us because we have a conversion of heart from disgust to compassion for one who has been tricked by the devil. Let’s all pray for this unfortunate man. Hopefully someday we all will rejoice together in heaven.

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