Day off: Ultra super mega Snow Moon


A few days back there was a slight break in the clouds and my neighbor pointed out the Snow Moon. “It’s been going crazy all day,” he said.

Good day for a snow moon. The very second I arrived at the hermitage, it started to snow, well, ice crystals began to cascade heavily from the skies. And then immediately everything was ultra-super-slippery.

Nevertheless, I did do up a few minutes of target practice, one magazine at the three swinging buckets after two other magazines were put out cold barrel for the pre-2001 Federal Air Marshal tactical pistol course. Two of the thirty necessary went slightly wide, leaving me with a score of 93%. As is usually the case, I was DQed for a slight overtime on two stages. I tried out the Hogue grip again (a Christmas gift from a LEO in the parish). That particular grip works great in icy cold weather. I would have done the course again (cheating, as that’s “hot barrel”), just to try to get 100%, but the pile-up of ice crystals was getting concerning for any further delayed travel up on the back ridges.

After some errands further down the mountain, it was up to Asheville. All five bolts on the back wheel were replaced. Good thing. I never would have been able to get them off to replace a flat in the middle of the night in a cell phone dead zone. The head mechanic brought me to lunch, but I was quicker than him at the register. I think this was the third time in my entire life that I’ve had a Reuben.

We had a great conversation about Jesus.


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2 responses to “Day off: Ultra super mega Snow Moon

  1. Today when I looked the moon reminded me of the Blessed Sacrament it was so round and bright, all it needed was the priestly hands holding it up to the crucifix hanging on the giant walls in our Traditional Church above the altar.

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