Pius XII archives to be opened: Anti-Semitic cover-up in the making?

Emmanuel Célestin Suhard

First of all: THANK YOU POPE FRANCIS for announcing the opening of the archives in March 2020. THANK YOU! But we’ll see what the underlings do. Here’s the AP news story:

VATICAN CITY (AP) – Declaring that the church “isn’t afraid of history,” Pope Francis said Monday he has decided to open up the Vatican archives on World War II-era Pope Pius XII, who has been criticized by [some] Jews of staying silent on the Holocaust. Francis told officials and personnel of the Vatican Secret Archives that the archive would be open to researchers starting March 2, 2020.

Yours truly has been seeking a copy of a certain letter forwarding a certain matter to Pius XII. It was sent in to Pius XII directly by the Archbishop of Paris, Emmanuel Célestin Cardinal Suhard. Meanwhile, Pius XII gave this letter of the Cardinal to the Secretary of the Pontifical Biblical Commission of the day, which, back when, was part and parcel and had the authority of the Holy Office (the Sacred and Supreme of that name), what we now call the CDF, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Holy Office did offer a ferocious response to the matter which is now published. That response is perhaps an example of sarcasm against the stupidity of anti-Semitic “biblical scholars” that hasn’t been seen before or since. The problem is that the matter itself is not published, only the answer to it.

holy officeHaving gotten a bishop to back up my request for a copy of this letter, a recent Prefect of the CDF (now already some ten years ago) responded to say that the letter of Cardinal Suhard relating the matter was not to be found in the archives of the CDF, but were possibly to be found in the personal (and therefore secret) archives of Pius XII himself. Those archives, he said, are to be found in the Secretariat of State. What he could have done, of course, and as is the practice, is to send the inquiry directly to the Secretariat of State. What he did is an evasion. But I digress. The opening of the archives is only a year away. I look forward to it.

From what I can gather, the matter forwarded by Cardinal Suhard detailed the anti-Semitic attitudes of some French biblical “scholars” who, immediately after WWII and the closing of the horrific concentration camps, wanted what they considered to be the idiocy of the Jewish Scriptures smacked down, you know, all the usual hatred that the Jews, wandering about in the desert, couldn’t possibly have copied mythology correctly as they simply didn’t know what they were doing and perhaps belong in concentration camps even today. I want names. “Never again!” means knowing what was going on at the time, right? But we’ll see if the cover-up continues. If it does, I will not be happy. Here’s a video I made, upset with the violence. It’s a reading of the names in the children’s memorial at Yad vaShem (The Power and the Name Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem):

I’d like to make this my next major project, even though there is a realization that there are another couple dozens major projects on the back burners. It’s just that when opportunity hits a strike has to be made. This may have to involve any number of bishops. This may take multiple trips to Rome. I’m just as determined as I ever was. Never give up. Be relentless. Anyway:

THANK YOU, POPE FRANCIS, for announcing the opening of the archives!


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6 responses to “Pius XII archives to be opened: Anti-Semitic cover-up in the making?

  1. Matt Montag

    Fr. Byers, are you the priest who did his doctoral work on the Woman in Genesis 3:15? If, so what was the name of your dissertation and where can I find it? I’d like to use it as a potential source in my MA thesis for seminary.

    • Father George David Byers

      Hey Matt. You can find it in the general stacks of the Genesis section of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. It should have been sent out to another fifty some major universities, but I doubt that, since, as I understand it, it wasn’t even sent off to Jerusalem. There are some embarrassing bits for both Jesuits and Dominicans, for Germans and Austrians, et al. The Biblicum appraised it for their series but wouldn’t publish it with the excuse that it was too technical, too scientific for the readership of subscribing universities, you know, like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Tübingen, Berkeley. I guess everyone is entitled to comic books of reading oneself into the text. I’ll try to put up a PDF of the thesis and then of the Conference up in D.C. a few years later which advanced some of the conclusions particularly about the Woman in Genesis 3:15. You’ll need some Hebrew for the Thesis. You won’t need that to get the gist of the conference. Please cite the provenance, if you dare be on the side of non-political academics. Gimme a couple of days to put this up. Thanks for the interest. It’s encouraging. This is what I like to see. Someone interested in the Son of the Mother of the Redeemer, and in the Mother of the Redeemer. We are lost if it’s all just complaints about some individuals who failed in this way or that, as if we all haven’t crucified the Son of the Living God. Blessings upon you.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    I was 12 years old when Pope Pius XII died. I was truly heartbroken. He was my hero. When the play, “The Deputy” came out, I was totally outraged.
    How could a play written by a Nazi homosexual do so much to besmirch the reputation of such a saintly man? I hope that the release of these documents will finally lay bare the truth no matter what it is. In my heart I believe the truth will silence the defamers and liars..

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Sorry, Father, double posting was an accident. Computer trouble (could also be just plain dopiness)n

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    I was 12 years old when Pope Pius Xii passed away. He was my childhood hero. I was always upset that a stage play by a Nazi homosexual besmirched his name. I pray that the release of these documents will finally proves that those who started and sustained the lie will be covered in confusion. Eugenio Pacelli Santo subito!!

  5. sanfelipe007

    Soon, perhaps, we can finally retire the phrase, “Hitler’s Pope.”

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