08 My Jewish mom? Emigration timings

ship 1870

There are a zillion reasons for emigration, including the ease of travel both physically and legally. Sometimes there are economic or health considerations. Sometimes it has to do with family or business. But when there are mass movements of certain populations, one might ask other questions. Ancestry maps out striking events with timelines of populations and various shifting regions. Of all the regions indicated for me, none of them are so striking as to have a timeline created for them, except for Poland and environs.

Let’s take a look at the 25 year snapshots, and see how movements had a sudden start and a sudden stop. Note that the Nationalist Workers Party, or Nazis for short, was already viciously, rabidly anti-Jewish by 1875, and that Germany’s borders stretched into much of Poland back in the day. Note that pretty much everyone in my lineages are gone to the USA by the the time the extermination camps of Hitler were in full swing:

DNA 1800
Above, Czechia and Poland. We continue below:

DNA 1825
So, some families moved around above, as below, but notice some diminishing numbers already by 1850.

DNA 1850

And then, by the last quarter of the 19th century (1875-1900), things are getting really very tense as the German Nationalist Party (Nazis for short) grew in prominence and influence: emigration has been made much easier, and the great exodus begins:

DNA 1875
I notice the North East USA, and Chicago, yes, but also Detroit. Lot’s of my lineage have shown up in Detroit and the North East. Let’s continue with the great exodus::

DNA 1900
By the end of the first quarter, pretty much all emigration has come to an end. Lets move on to 1925-1950, when all comes to a dead stop:

DNA 1925

The Nazi party is maneuvering into greater influence and is, in fact legalized. In another handful of years they would take control and crush and torture and murder. Sure, there are many who emigrated from Poland at this time who were not Jews for any and all no reasons, and not just from Poland, but from the U.K. and France and Germany…. But it’s the Jews who saw what was happening against them and ran as they could.

My mom’s forebears fit into this emigration timing. It’s not any kind of indication that she was Jewish, but it still says something in the background. For instance, but it another way: no Jews to speak of were immigrating into Poland from elsewhere. There is more to come. I’m going to look up some names.

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