Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (April Fools Day, edition)


Redbuds are still Redbuds even when in full blossom. You wouldn’t say: “Those are nice red buds,” if what you have are blossoms, right? You would say, “Those are nice Redbuds,” as in: “Those are nice red blossoms on those Redbuds.”

Fine. Not funny. That was my poor attempt on this April Fools Day.

Jesus’ good mom knows all about playing the fool. She was never politically correct and was certainly treated like a fool for it. Being a fool for Christ’s sake, as Saint Paul has it, is certainly the way to go, and not just on April Fools Day, but always.

That would give Jesus’ good mom a ferocious sense of humor. Surely she would smile at antics like this:

april fools lars anderson

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