Missionary of Mercy “on the road” – Invaluable Legion of Mary


Hospitals and clinics spread out in three different states, most of them multiple hours away, are this Missionary of Mercy’s lot in life. I love it. I’m forever bringing parishioners to and from hospitals, anointing them there, hearing confessions, bringing Holy Communion. Lots of “Last Rites” – in the plural – as also included are papal blessings and plenary indulgences. I love it. My only regret, and their only regret, is that I cannot bi-locate. I’m only me.

I’m totally flat out with my parishioners at all the far-flung hospitals beyond the mountains. But for other priests, there is help to be had, that is, when there’s a hospital in the parish, you know, a big-city-parish, with a better opportunity to involve, say, the Legion of Mary in discovering if there are any Catholics in the hospital that day who would like a priest to stop in for a visit. This is especially helpful in anti-Catholic regions.

The Legion of Mary is great, as they actually work with and not against the priest. They won’t pretend to anoint people or hear their confessions. They’ll leave that to the priest. And the priest should visit new patients himself to see what’s up with them, if they need Confession and Anointing and would like to be put on the list for Communion during their stay and possibly then later at home, depending.

The Legion of Mary is doing great in southern Korea (so to speak), and in Africa, where, in many places, it is limited to men, as it’s really quite the ordeal to visit villages that might be a refuge for violence including anti-Catholic, anti-Christian violence. I think we’ve lost sight of the militancy we should have.

I do think the time is coming in America when martyrs will be abundant. Europe is ripe for this. First it was the Jews who laid down their lives for believing in the Messiah who is to come into the world. Then it will be the those who follow the Jews in believing in Jewish Jesus who is the One who is to come into the world, as Jewish Martha says in the Gospel of John.

If we use the Legion of Mary as a canary in the coal mine, as it were, these USA look like were going to go even farther into the darkness. I remember a priest saying that there is no way that he would work with the Legion of Mary. “I’m not going to attend any meetings with them,” he exclaimed, “as long as they continue to say that old-fashioned Rosary.”

Whatever. The “little flock” of the Lord can say the Rosary all on their own! And do! Hah!

And then we help each other get to know Jesus and Jesus’ good mom.

Then we help each other get to heaven, helping each other keep up with the sacraments.


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2 responses to “Missionary of Mercy “on the road” – Invaluable Legion of Mary

  1. pelerin

    I was under the impression that the Legion of Mary had all but disappeared from parishes in England. Some 55 years ago it was flourishing and I was a member visiting the elderly who had no other visitors in the local hospital each week. We also knocked on doors to locate any lapsed Catholics who might be tempted to return.

  2. Aussie Mum

    The Legion of Mary is operating where I live in Australia but I don’t know about other parts of the country. Two members visited me in hospital the times I was there for an extended period but they don’t seem to visit the Itensive Care Unit. When I was in the ICU I had to ask the medical staff to call a priest for me. They said they had phoned Fr … but he never came. I wasn’t in that priest’s parish but that shouldn’t have made a difference. I doubt they called him. When he didn’t come I asked them to phone a priest from the adjoining parish where I regularly attended Mass and Confession. The two priests at that parish were not Modernists as was the priest the hospital said they had called, and so I was sure one of those two would come but the medical staff refused to call them even though it was clear that I would be very lucky to survive the night. Sometime during that night I remembered my mobile phone. I couldn’t get out of bed. Tubes in my arms (and elsewhere) restricted my reach but I managed to get hold of my mobile but couldn’t reach my eye glasses. I evidently pushed the right buttons on the number pad though (I was praying for help) because my friend answered. A little while later, about midnight, she arrived with a priest. Father was very good and kind. I was struggling to breathe and so wasn’t able to receive Holy Communion but he anointed me. After Father and my friend left the night staff confiscated my phone.
    Being alone and dependant for life saving treatment from people who despise the Catholic religion is an experience one never forgets, if one survives that is. I survived and hope never to have to be in that ICU again. I would have appreciated members of the Legion looking in on me but I never saw anyone else from the Catholic parishes round about until I was eventually moved from the ICU to a regular ward. Not even my friends came to visit – everyone is so busy – my best friend sent a potted flowering plant in her stead via the local florist. I don’t think many good hearted people realise how important company is to the sick, and conversation when they are well enough to speak.
    Your parishioners are very blessed to have you Father.

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