Night Haunts #1: Midnight Pilgrims – Tyburn Covent

You might say a prayer for them, and Mother Xavier in particular, who’s been on the edge of the “life is changed, not ended” most wonderful time of life for some weeks now.

It’s good to pray for the grace of final perseverance, for a happy death, for ourselves, for us all. Saint Thomas Aquinas says that this grace of final perseverance is different than the grace with which we live during out lives, and we need that grace of final perseverance in order to persevere in that sanctifying grace. How about doing Mother Xavier a good favor and asking our dearest Lord’s good mom for just that grace:

Hail Mary…


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6 responses to “Night Haunts #1: Midnight Pilgrims – Tyburn Covent

  1. Rory O'Callaghan

    Great place. I love the shapeful rock high in the centre of the altarpiece. It draws mysterious focus.

  2. pelerin

    I have always wondered what that lump of rock represents. Unlike Rory O’Callaghan I find it a distraction on visits and have never had the nerve to ask the nuns for an explanation! Perhaps after doing the next Tyburn Walk I might pluck up the courage to ask them.

    • Father George David Byers

      I’m guessing it’s from under the gallows soaked with the blood of the Tyburn Martyrs.

      • pelerin

        Wow – if that is the case then I shall have a completely different view of it. Up to now I just thought of it as an ugly piece of modern art and a big distraction there. I do hope you are right.

  3. pelerin

    PS: Father George – You have prompted me to have a look at the Tyburn website and I see they have a Contact section so I have put the question on there. i don’t know why I did not think of doing that before.

    • pelerin

      I don’t remember ever getting a reply from Tyburn but shall be going on the annual Tyburn Walk this Sunday and must remember to ask one of the nuns when I get there. They always kindly give us excellent refreshments when we get there tired and footsore!

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