Maybe the phone’s tapped…

Lot’s of people calling me are complaining that it takes me too long to answer the phone. I answer straightaway. But for the last number of weeks, yes, all is awry for another five to ten seconds, sometimes causing the impatient to hang up. Who knows what that’s all about. Surely anyone with any phone-tapping ability would be better at it than all that. Or not. Anecdote time! …

Back in the day, in another parish far away, a phone company truck had its cherry picker up in the nest of wires of a phone land-line exchange box on the top of a phone-pole outside the rectory. One of the workers who had a job with the phone company was an employee and had the truck for the day. He had another four guys or so with him. He was an extremely vociferous enemy as I had been standing up for the safety of the African Americans in the parish and he didn’t like that one bit. They were up working on the wires for it seemed a good hour. I went out to watch them and was attempting to be very friendly.

Forever after that “fixing”, I would pick up the phone at the first ring or two and start talking with the person who called. But the phone was still ringing. Not my phone, but another phone somehow on that call, really loud. We would listen, confused as to what was happening, until some obviously older guy would pick up the phone all out of breath, not saying anything, just listening. Amateurs! I thought it was kind of funny. People all around town did too. I got lots of reports that my phone calls were being listened to all around town.

People are so funny. It is to laugh. And I do. ;-)

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