Running over others on purpose


This is the third maxed out size wise momma snapper turtle that I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks looking to find a place to lay her eggs crossing the road and ending up getting run over on purpose. I say that because people would have had to swerve to have their tires hit the ones I saw. And I did see one crossing the road in the middle of a lane and the knucklehead did just that, swerved so as to hit it with a tire. I hate that.

This ol’ gal didn’t look too badly damaged. I figured with a little help she could at least crawl to a place to lay her eggs and then die of an infection some weeks later. I stopped, as did a number of other vehicles on the side of the road, and we all got her safely into the ditch and crawling away. Huge turtle.

I’ve seen the same thing with Mountain rattlers, with the knuckleheads first running the snake over, then stopping and cutting the head and the rattler off. People can be so mean.

Stats have it that people who are mean to animals like this do exactly the same thing to the human beings around them, hitting them, smacking them down, yes, running them over on purpose. And they don’t have to start with animals, just go right to being violent with human beings.

Oh. I forgot. I was so busy being sanctimonious that I didn’t want to notice that my sins did that to Jesus. Sorry, dear Lord.


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2 responses to “Running over others on purpose

  1. nancyv

    One day when I was in the passenger seat while my daughter was learning to drive, and we saw a dead turtle on the side of the road, and she started haranguing on how anyone could be so mean and/or stupid to run over a slow turtle. Not five minutes later, she runs over a turtle with the right front tire as it scrambled upon the pavement. That turtle was booking it! She, of course was devastated, but humbled, now realizing ALL dead turtles weren’t the result of mean/stupid people. (Just saying that for anyone who may have run over a turtle 🙂 But poor turtles, in their instinctual quest to fulfill their call, they can’t take into account the modern world of fast cars and roadways.

    Sanctimonious or not, thank you for getting her out of the road and reminding us of our ugly strikes against Jesus in sinning.
    Have a Holy Week that forever changes you and your parishioners to love God with ALL their hearts, mind and strength. Thank you for helping me.
    Deo gratias!

  2. The scientific name for knucklehead is Psychopath. I’ve seen them too.

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