Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (The Protective Veil of Mary, edition)


This is the news Marian grotto at the Cathedral in Charlotte. The purple veil is there as an extension of what’s happening in the Cathedral during Lent – this being Holy Week – what with all the statues and crosses and such covered in distress. Behind the grotto there are a zillion of these:


Speaking of the Veil of Mary, I was happy to hear that one of our Eastern Rite brethren in the priesthood was ordained (on his calendar) on the Feast of the Protective Veil of the Mother of God. I love that.

He mentioned that during their ordination rite the bishop places a particle of the just consecrated Host in the hands of the newly ordained saying: “Receive the Portion of the Church on which you will be judged.”

Dread awe ensues, of course. “My Lord and my God…”

Avoiding judgment, the newly ordained flies to the protective veil of Jesus’ good mom. Mind you, the protection is from Satan’s wiles. Mary is to found on Calvary. Mary leads any priest sons there to be with her Son. As the Master, so the disciple.


A flower for you, Mary. For priests: Hail Mary…

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  1. nancyv

    ALWAYS! ….full of grace, the Lord is with thee, benedictus….

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