Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Nauseous, edition)


Jesus’ good mom had stalwartly stood under the Cross while the Judas hanged himself, while the other eleven Apostles ran away. John came back. I wonder how he fared. I wonder how those on Calvary fared. I bet they got nauseous. Mary stood in the midst of it all, and didn’t even notice it. How to thank her for her unrelenting maternal solidarity with her Son? Even this… whatever it is… a kind of “vomit mushroom” whose outer edges will break down and pour out, vomit out… horror… even this is a good for a ground-cover in a pot of real flowers that would be a gentle reminder of that hour of darkness on Calvary when all of hell broke out, but when the glory of God’s love was shining most brightly. But these do need some real flowers to offset them. So, off to search…

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