Homily 2018 04 23 – Saint George

saint george stained glass window

Re-posted today, the Feast of Saint George, as the pictures are great!


Well now. That’s scary. I did a massive search for the fellow I mention in this homily and I couldn’t find one single trace of him anywhere.

Anyway, this is how Saint George was put to death by the Roman Empire:

saint george martyrdom

Anyway, Saint George lives! Saint George lives! Saint George lives!

saint george icon



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4 responses to “Homily 2018 04 23 – Saint George

  1. Nan

    I’m told that you have to search Orthodox St George. A guy I now suspect of being Latin ladt night pulled out a worn Breviary and told Father there’s no information then wad told there’s plenty of you know where to look.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Auto-correct delenda est. I know you meant: …Latin last night…then was told…if you know…

  3. A beautiful inspiring Homily. Thank you 🙂

  4. Aussie Mum

    I especially like that last picture as it has all the essential elements of St George’s life and martyrdom as a Christian: the Cross identifying his Lord; the woman he protects, the Church; and the dragon, the devil he defeats by remaining faithful to Christ no matter what unto death. As you say Father, “St George lives!”, for his story is essentially that of everyone who reaches heaven. It brings to mind Gen 3:15: the battle between the devil and the Church (us joined to Christ by means of the sacraments), summing up all Salvation History. A truly helpful picture and homily, thank you Father.

    Father, would you please pray for one of my sons. He received His first Holy Communion on 23rd April, Feastday of St George, but that day in 2000 was Easter Sunday. My little boy was so full of joy that day when he received Our Lord for the first time and the night before when he made his first confession. Now an adult, he no longer believes all the teachings of the Church and I fear for him.

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