Road Danger! No, no. It’s just Michael!


Update: What’s in this post was on Easter Monday. It’s now Easter Tuesday. I’m rushing off again. There are those who have questions. I’m praying about these. Patience! ///

This was in the middle of nowhere, on the steep downhill coming off the top of the mountain after the border of Haywood and Jackson Counties. I only had a millionth of a nano-second to decide to stop as Mike was standing on the far side of his cab trying to wave people down and there was almost nowhere to stop. I blame my Guardian Angel for inspiring me in that instant to slam on the brakes and pull into the ditch (already knowing there was no one right behind me what with situational awareness and all that).

I never met Mike before. But, hey! He was in distress. Should I just pass him by? Mike said everyone else did for a full hour and a half before I stopped. Even a county sheriff zipped on by. Not his concern. Not anyone’s concern. We are not our brother’s keeper and all that, right? Mike said truckers used to be pretty tight knit and some might actually help out back in the day. Now everyone’s entitled to be wrapped up in themselves alone, entitled to be miserable, all alone.

Mike’s an oldster like me, same age, late fifties. There’s no way he could have walked the distance even one way, never mind two, and on the way back carrying many containers of many gallons of fluids. That was mid-afternoon. I got home at midnight.

I was having a blast. We spoke of the spiritual life. Trust in God. Wanting to go to heaven. Guardian Angels. Lots of guardian angel talk. Mike thought that this was the best thing ever. Catholics aren’t so bad, not at all, he said. Though he’s not Catholic, he’s been to Mass many times. He’s very close to his family, getting calls from his wife all the time to check to see if he was alright.

Of all things, it was the emergency poncho in the first aid kit someone sent into Holy Souls Hermitage years ago that saved the day. I should have taken a picture of how we both fixed the engine with the poncho and Gorilla Tape. No, really! What a hoot. It really worked.

Mike had other things to worry about. This was the least of his worries. After a couple of weeks, one boy in the family is still in ICU. He showed me a picture. He was shot five times. Still critical, but still alive. Hail Mary

By the way, if you think that this was a nice thing for me to do, and, yes, I’m sure Michael appreciated it to no end, you have to know that, instead, this was no event of condescension. Instead, as I say, it was an entirely enjoyable experience. When we participate in life, we are brought more fully to life. I was the one receiving help.

As I made clear to Mike, I blame my guardian angel for my helping him out. Guardian angels are great. Thanks, Guardian Angel.


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5 responses to “Road Danger! No, no. It’s just Michael!

  1. elizdelphi

    Probably from God’s point of view your angel was just as much taking care of you by not letting you speed on by Jesus disguised as a stranded motorist. How easy it is to be lazy, I am quite afraid about how easily I pass by on the other side of the street, thinking it’s street wise to not get involved.

    I am a catechist and last night was helping with the kids doing “make up exams” because they didn’t pass the exam on their first try to prove they know stuff for their First Communion, one kid wrote for the Acto de Contricion, “Angel de la garda, mi dulce compania…” It makes sense though, since (like MANY kids) he could not remember the Act of Contrition he wrote another prayer that he knew in full. Probably aggravatingly for the kid whose mom made him learn it, we don’t test them on that prayer. They do have to know all 4 sets of mysteries of the rosary though!

    • Father George David Byers

      I hope it’s not sexist to say that it’s different to help for a man than a woman… ?

      • elizdelphi

        True (and I don’t have a car) but there are other kinds of situations when I should help and I worry that I miss them.

      • Father George David Byers

        Papa Ratz said he loves the prayer if the psalmist: Lord, forgive me of the sin I don’t even know.

  2. “Papa Ratz said he loves the prayer if the psalmist: Lord, forgive me of the sin I don’t even know.”
    I think it was in reading one of Papa Ratz’s books that I amended my Act of Contrition in the confessional to include “give me the grace to recognize the sin in my life”…

    Love this tale, Fr. Byers, – lots of agape love to you and your guardian angel.

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