Paris Archbishop vs Macron on Notre Dame burning. But what about…

Having  seen that, it does have to be emphasized that the guy appointed to oversee the rebuilding is hailed as being a traditional Catholic. I don’t know.

More than this, however, what’s the deal with the bishops of France NOT saying anything about serious attacks against Catholic churches throughout France to the tune of two to three daily? Are any of these investigated? Is there a common thread do you think with some of these, well over a thousand a year in France? As it is said:

“Since the beginning of the year, dozens of churches in France have been vandalized, desecrated, and torched. In 2018, 1063 attacks on Christian Churches or symbols were registered in France—a 17 percent increase over 2017 when “only” 878 attacks were registered.”

It is claimed by some that there is as little as 4% Mass attendance among Catholics in France. That is not true. Already ten years ago I was told by French bishops in Lourdes that that number is closer to 2%, at which statement a priest interrupted and said that they should be honest, that that number is closer to 1.5% or 1.8%. The bishops grumbled in agreement. Also, the small groups of SSPX and FSSP crowd going to Mass total more than all Novus Ordo crowd total going to Mass. But there are more Muslims going to Mosque on Friday than all Catholics put together.

France is smaller than Texas but twice as populated. So, lets, cut the number of attacks in half and ask the question: If there were one or two Catholic churches being smashed and torched daily in Texas, do you think there would be a response? Yes. But the French are afraid of those who are doing this. Afraid. Afraid of what?


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2 responses to “Paris Archbishop vs Macron on Notre Dame burning. But what about…

  1. Actually down south there has been church vandalism (Louisiana)that has made the news headlines . When ND was burning I noticed how much emphasis was placed on its historic architecture, and its cultural significance. The reporters seemed to have difficulties saying the words Catholic Church.

  2. Anne Maliborski

    This is a shame, and eye-opening.

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