SRI LANKA, an Easter Octave later

sri lanka easter terror 2

Looks like just a bit of confusion, like “someone did something” above. So, let’s move in media res and get a better idea. You can’t fix something unless you know what it is.

sri lanka easter terror 3

Not good enough. Let’s make this more personal. Jesus, just now risen from the dead, having been ripped to shreds Himself, blood everywhere, walks in the midst, the blood of His followers all over Him, witnessing to their belief in life eternal. As the Master, so the disciple.

sri lanka easter terror

  • “Today, you will be with me in paradise,” He says.
  • “The death of His faithful ones is precious in the eyes of the Lord.” (Psalm 116:15)

As of 4/27/2019 there are at least 310 killed and 469 wounded. More die and are injured as raids take place and “collateral incidents” occur. Always increasing numbers of terrorists are arrested or killed, depending on circumstances. Innocents can unfortunately be in the way as terrorist cowards hide behind women and children.

ISIS has claimed responsibility, having sucked in the local Islamicist terrorist group, National Thowheed Jamath.

  • But almost no one will say that they are Islamicist terrorists or ISIS. They are just “some people who did something.”
  • But almost no one will say the word “Catholic” about so very many of the victims, innocent, including women and children, and yes, also men.

All the spooky groups were telling the crowd in Sri Lanka 17 days before it happened. But just as Sri Lanka has traitors in it’s government, so do we. No decision maker knew.

It’s personal to me because these are other members of the Body of Christ. That’s as personal as it gets.

But, just to say, I also have priest friends in Sri Lanka with whom I lived in Rome at various colleges for years of studies.

I’ve even had an interview about the liturgy with the Cardinal Archbishop, his Eminence Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don. He says he’s been told by the local Muslims that this wasn’t about anything Islamicist. “He says he’s been told…” Clever way of saying that. He says he has zero concern for the rebuilding of churches. He’s concerned about rebuilding lives. Good for him. Blessings upon them all.

I hope the perps convert and are forgiven. I hope the victims, if alive, can forgive. It will do them an eternity of good. We must pray for that: Hail Mary

Having said all that, even on this Divine Mercy Sunday, my sentiment is also summed up by the Chinese University student at the time of the Boston Marathon Bombing Dun “Danny” Meng when he escaped and was interviewed by Police Officer Tommy Saunders. It was the last thing Dun said to Tommy: “Get those *************!” This isn’t a vengeance thing over against someone who has repented. No. The bombers were on their way to New York City to do up some more bombing, more killing, more terrorism. They weren’t going to stop until the were stopped. So, yeah: “Get those *************!”

Having said all that, none of that is inconsistent with this being Divine Mercy Sunday.

  • Jesus still calls us to be witnesses to His forgiveness should anyone want it.
  • Jesus still calls us to be witnesses unto death, giving all in Him.
  • Jesus still calls us to to pray that He have mercy on us and on the whole world. 

And to those cynics who condemn religion because God permitted such a thing to happen, look again. He took our place, the innocent for the guilty, so that He might have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us.


And… and… He’s risen from the dead. And He intends to have us rise from the dead for life eternal. Thank you, Jesus.


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2 responses to “SRI LANKA, an Easter Octave later

  1. elizdelphi

    Last day of catechism for the year today. I talked about how the Lord’s Resurrection is our greatest feast, bigger than Christmas, and we must celebrate with joy and festivity and feasting. Feliz Pascua! Is it typical that Hispanic families do NOTHING to celebrate Easter? That’s what the kids told me, their family did nothing at all, no family get together, no special meal. No one said their family did anything. I told them when they grow up they need to celebrate for real. It’s part of our witness to Jesus’ resurrection–Easter worship and celebrating. They seemed to have no energy, just stared at me blankly. Most didn’t eat the Cadbury Eggs I gave them, one kid tried his and threw it away (not everybody loves them).

    But then I brought up Sri Lanka. Some were aware. I was talking about Jesus’ resurrection and how the Martyrs weren’t afraid to witness to Jesus by being killed for Him because they knew He has risen from the dead and they will go straight to their happiness in heaven. I connected this with what I’d been saying about Easter witness to our faith and joy in the Lord’s Resurrection. Then I told them I read about a catechist in Sri Lanka who asked the kids if they were willing to die for Jesus, they all raised their hands ( Apparently this was at the Lutheran church that was bombed) then minutes later when they went to church many of them really did die for Jesus. I talked about how life and death Christianity really is, reminded them what I’d taught them about the life of Grace and that EVERYONE is going to die and we must die friends of Jesus–really we ALL must die for Jesus. I reassured them that no one is going to bomb the church here today. However, I asked them whether they are willing to die for Jesus. They stare at me. Finally one girl says a convinced “yes.” then the next kid “yes.” and everyone. The last boy is smiling but it’s a nice smile of agreement, not being silly. Certainly makes me happy. They know Jesus loves them!

  2. sanfelipe007

    Father, I thank Jesus for you, and for your giving us readers many opportunities to pray for your intentions.

    Elizabeth, this was also my last day of CCD. My class was all set to take in a viewing of the movie Unplanned, but it was no longer showing – it had been supplanted by the new Avengers movie. I’ll have to obtain a dvd and show it to my class next year – with all the proper permissions, of course.

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